Who is this event for?

If you are a church planter or an existing church pastor and are interested in learning more about what partnership with Sojourn Network looks like, the Alignment Weekend is for you! Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from and interact with some of our network pastors and staff as we discuss how Sojourn Network seeks to partner with pastors to help them plant, grow and multiply healthy churches that last.


What topics will be covered?

Together, we’ll explore questions like:

  • What is Sojourn Network?
  • What do Sojourn Network churches believe?
  • What practices and values unify all Sojourn Network churches?
  • What does partnership with our network look like practically?
  • What kinds of services and ministries does Sojourn Network offer to its pastors and church planters?
  • Is Sojourn Network the right home for me and our church?

It is our aim and hope that you will walk away from this weekend with a clear understanding of what partnership looks like between SN as a church planter or as an existing church pastor and, if interested in pursuing partnership, what you can expect along the way.



Friday, January 26

7:00pm • Welcome and Introductions - Jamin Stinziano
7:30pm • What Is Sojourn Network?   
9:00pm • Offsite Hangout w/ attendees & speakers

Saturday, January 26

9:00am   • Light Breakfast
9:30am   • What Do Sojourn Network Churches Believe?
10:30am • Break (snacks/coffee)
10:45am • Church Planter Track: Profile of a SN Church Planter & How We Help Church Planters
10:45am • Existing Church Track: Profile of a SN Church & How We Help Existing Churches

12:00pm • Lunch
Top 10 Reasons Churches and Church Planters join SN

1:00pm • Clarify next steps & Final Q&A
2:00pm • Attendees Dismissed

Sunday, January 28 (optional)

9:00am • Attend a service at one of the Sojourn Church locations in Louisville