When is the Alignment Weekend?

Registration opens at 6pm on Friday March 17 and ends at 4pm on Saturday March 18.

Where is the alignment weekend?

Sojourn Community Church Midtown will be hosting the Alignment Weekend - 1207 S. Shelby St. Louisville, KY 40203.

Is this a good event to bring my wife to?


is there childcare?

Childcare is not provided.

How much does it cost?

For individual registration the cost of $125. For couple registration the cost is $200.

Should I plan to attend Sojourn Community Church on Sunday morning after the Alignment Weekend is over?

Attending a service at Sojourn on Sunday is not a mandatory part of the Alignment Weekend. However, we highly encourage you to stay and experience a Sunday gathering if your schedule permits. The exception to this is if an attendee is already a member and regular attender of Sojourn Community Church.

What is included in my registration?

Registration includes a Friday night hangout, breakfast and lunch on Saturday. It also ensures we are able to bring in network pastors and leaders who will be able to provide quality and helpful teaching and guidance for you as you process your call to plant a church and your alignment with Sojourn Network.

Can I register for just one of the days?

To get the most out of the Alignment Weekend, we recommend attending the entire event. In the event that you cannot attend the entire conference, you will still need to pay full price.

How does the Alignment Weekend help potential church planters?

In our experience of working with men and women who are exploring both a call to church planting and the right network to partner with for their ministry, we realized that we needed something - a training opportunity - in between the “exploring” and “assessment” phases of their journey in order to:

  1. Help them gain clarity on the life and mission of a church planter

  2. Help them self-evaluate their call to ministry and church planting

  3. Help them understand that vocational church planting is not something to embark on without great consideration

How does the Alignment Weekend serve the staff and pastors of Sojourn Network?

In addition to serving potential planters, the Alignment Weekend serves Sojourn Network by:

  1. Providing a training opportunity for Sojourn Network pastors and churches who have men who feel called and ready to plant a church

  2. Helping our network determine with whom to “go deeper” into our church planting assessments, development, funding and  and long-term network membership

Who should attend the Alignment Weekend?

The Alignment Weekend seeks to serve two groups of people:

  1. Those who have been actively exploring a call to church planting and are trying to get clarity on that calling

  2. Those who definitely feel called to church plant and are exploring partnerships with extra-local networks and denominations, particularly partnership with Sojourn Network

Does my paperwork act as an application to attend the Alignment Weekend?

The three questionnaires/assessments that form the application for the Alignment Weekend are to help the potential attendee gauge their calling and readiness for ministry in general, church planting in particular, and alignment with Sojourn Network. All applicants’ paperwork will be reviewed. If after that review the Sojourn Network staff determine that the alignment weekend may not be the best next step for the attendee, a staff member will reach back out to the individual/couple and a full refund will be processed.

Do I have to be a member of a Sojourn Network church to attend the Alignment Weekend?

No. The Alignment Weekend is meant to serve prospective church planters both in and outside our network of churches who feel a strong call to plant a church and a strong desire to partner with Sojourn Network in that journey.

Where does the Alignment Weekend fall in Sojourn Network’s church planting process?

Attending the Alignment Weekend is the first phase of Sojourn Network’s church planting process. Attendees who are both ready to plant a church and who have strong alignment with Sojourn Network will be encouraged with appropriate next steps.

Does attendance at the Alignment Weekend guarantee my acceptance into Sojourn Network?

The goal of this event is to help identify potential planters that are aligned with Sojourn Network beliefs and values that we can then move on towards a more formal assessment process, but this will probably not be the case for everyone. If after the Alignment Weekend we determine that you would indeed be a good fit for Sojourn Network, we will then seek a pastoral recommendation for planting and partnership, followed by an assessment.

Is the Alignment Weekend a mandatory part of the Sojourn Network church planting process?

Yes. Attending the Alignment Weekend is an essential part of our church planting process.