Unseen Opportunities of Small-Town Church Planting

A little over seven years ago, God moved me, my wife, my fourteen-year-old daughter and our two cats from Southern California to Northern Ohio. I was on staff at a large church at the time, and it seemed like God was opening a ministry door for us in a place I had traveled through many times and enjoyed immensely as a tourist — if there is such a thing as an Ohio tourist. Now, before I go any further, let me answer some questions that just popped into your head.

    Sojourn Network Films: Substance Church w/ Ronnie & Melissa Martin

    Well, when we talk about, "Why this small town?" I'm still trying to figure out the answer to that. I am a California boy, born, and raised in Southern California, and at some point, God took my wife, and I into the Midwest. It's a long, horrible story, but at some point, He did a left turn in the path that we were on, and He compelled us, and inspired us to plant a church in a small town.

    Resource Roundup #31

    Today's Resource Roundup packs a punch. Our Featured Resource is a 50% discount on Jared Kennedy's new story bible for children. We've also got TONS of content made available from #WhyPartnerships, the annual Sojourn Network Leaders' Summit. You'll also find a video from Tim Challies on ministry calling, 12 leadership lessons from Carey Nieuwhof, why lateness matters (more thank you think), and the best time of day to do everything (scientifically proven!).

    Cultivated Podcast Went Live in Louisville (sort of)

    Our friends, @mikedcosper@karenswallowprior, David Taylor, & @bwmccracken joined us in Louisville for #WhyPartnerships to chat about faith, life, culture, and what being a redemptive presence looks like in society today. It is an EXCELLENT & FASCINATING conversation that explores a WIDE range of topics, including the Enneagram, Terrence Malick, and what Bono is "really like". If you haven't followed @harbor_media & subscribed to the Cultivated podcast, you need to do that now. Happy listening!

    A Forgotten Remedy for the Worn-Out Minister

    The Apostle Paul was physically and emotionally worn out. Fear thunderstormed his soul. Conflict awaited him. He had no rest. Rather than hide this fact, the Apostle gave voice to it. As pastors, the idea of giving voice to the hurricane that batters against the boarded up windows of our souls feels dangerous. But God has a remedy in mind.

    Resource Roundup #30

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    Exposition Idolatry & The Power of the Holy Spirit in Preaching

    We study hard. We exegete the text. We dig into the Greek and the Hebrew.  We plow through only the best of commentaries. We quote Jonathan Edwards. We preach long, precise, well-articulated, Word-centered messages, and yet our sermons can remain powerlessThe single most underestimated element in our preaching may be the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.Could it be that at times we are so afraid of some of the abuses that we have seen in the more “Spirit-centered” churches, that we overcorrect, and neglect the person of the Holy Spirit altogether?