Coaching Cohorts

Coaching cohorts are designed to provide group-based coaching to pastors and ministry leaders for the purpose of leadership development, personal renewal, and ministry training. All cohorts are led by a qualified, network-approved ministry leader and are highly relational, ministry specific, and practical.

For the church planter...
these cohorts can provide tremendous support and training while they form a core team and their own plurality of elders.

For a pastor of an established church...
these cohorts can provide specific ministry refinements to key leaders within the local church: multi-site pastors, campus pastors, executive/operations, worship pastors, community life pastors, and more.

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vibrant leadership

Led by Kevin Galloway, this cohort is specifically designed to encourage, equip, develop and build a network of vibrant, healthy leaders currently serving as a pastor or in a leadership role at their church.

Cohort runs from April 2017 through November 2017.


Developing and Building a Care Ministry

Led by Robert Cheong, this cohort is specifically designed for coaching in the area of care ministry. The goal is to collaboratively develop and build a scalable, reproducible and sustainable system of care for the participant’s church.

Cohort runs from January 2017 through October 2017.


Ministry Building & Development: Community Groups

Led by Brad House, this cohort is specifically designed for coaching in the area of community group ministry with the goal to develop and build an informal network of pastors desiring to launch or rebuild their community group ministry.

Cohort runs from August 2017 through July 2018.


The Multi-site Mission Leader

Led by Nathan Sloan and Larry McCrary, this cohort will help the mission pastor who leads a mission effort for a multi site church. We will talk through some of the major issues of leading a multi-site church in missions. We will cover areas such as creating awareness in all of your sites, how to avoid mission drift for your campuses, various models for leading your multi-site, developing leadership in your campuses, etc.

Cohort runs from January 2017 through June 2017.


Church Planting: Building a Foundation That Lasts

Led by Joel Brooks, this cohort is designed to provide practical instruction and teaching to equip and prepare those who are in the early stages of church planting. Topics include calling, self-evaluation, casting vision, raising up leadership, preaching, and building key ministries from scratch.

Cohort runs from January 2017 through June 2017.

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The Church in a Post-Christian World

Led by Mike Cosper, this cohort focuses on understanding the unique challenges and opportunities facing the church in our world today. At the end of the cohort, participants will have a deeper understanding of where we are as a culture and what unique challenges and opportunities our cultural moment provides. Discussions will cover broad historical and political movements, racial tensions, prevailing attitudes about spirituality, strategies related to the vision for our churches and evangelism, and much more.

Cohort begins January 2017.

XP Deep Dive Coaching Cohort

Led by Tim Beltz, this cohort is specifically designed to equip, develop and build an informal network of leaders currently serving in the role of executive pastor or pastor of operations at their church. The desired outcomes of this cohort are: 1) to develop the primary competency areas required of the XP role: Finance, HR, Facilities, Legal, Technology, and miscellaneous other managerial/leadership skills; 2) to build church specific plans to address gaps and pain points in a variety of functional areas; and 3) to promote a lasting personal network of fellow XPs for support, encouragement, and consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do all the cohorts look the same?

No. While each cohort must meet certain requirements in order to be approved as an official network cohort, we encourage creativity in terms of length, content, topics, and schedule. Some incorporate more in-person retreats, while some are all video calls. Some incorporate guest cohort leaders, and some are led by a single person the entire time. Some are geared towards leadership renewal and some are geared towards developing a particular ministry competency.

How much does a typical cohort cost?

Cohort range from $300 to $2000+. Pricing depends a great deal on the length of the cohort, the amount of preparation involved for the cohort leader, the amount of work required of the cohort participant, and the amount of travel required for the cohort participants and leaders.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, but only for Sojourn Network pastors and leaders. One of the many benefits of Sojourn Network membership is that costs for our ministries are either entirely or partially subsidized to offset costs for network pastors and their teams to participate in network-approved cohorts. Scholarships are given based on the overall need up to half the total cost of the cohort. To apply for a scholarship, please click here. If you have further questions about scholarships, please email Mark Owens at

Can non-Sojourn Network pastors and leaders participate in these cohorts?

Yes! In fact, we encourage a portion of every cohort to include non-network participants.