Who are the speakers?


Zack Eswine

Zack serves as pastor of Riverside Church St. Louis and Director of Homiletics at Covenant Seminary in Saint Louis, Missouri. Zack has authored a number of helpful books for ministers and the church, including The Imperfect Pastor, Preaching to a Post-Everything World, and Spurgeon's Sorrows. Over the last twenty years in ministry, Zack has done a lot and much of it unwise or painful. He is taking a second look at grace and searching for what is humble and true. He and his wife Jessica cultivate life with, Nathan (22), Abigail (19) and Caleb (13).

Dave Harvey

Dave Harvey serves as the Executive Director of Sojourn Network, a Teaching Pastor at Summit Church, and the founder of Am I Called. Despite having authored a number of helpful books, articles, and blogs over the years, Dave feels he is not particularly imaginative, and is not nearly the catalytic change-agent he would like to be. He has a remarkable wife (Kimm) of 34 years and four adult children. He’s lost about 200 lbs. over the last 20 years, primarily by gaining and losing the same 10 pounds. He likes praise too much and wishes he used his time better because he wants to read more than he does. Ministry over the last 30+ years has delivered incredible and undeserved joys for him, not to mention unimaginable sorrow. Whatever bitter taste there may be, though, has made Christ indescribably sweet to him.