The Why Should I Care About...? Stage 2 Cohort is specifically designed to train and equip Lead Pastors of a church after their initial 3 years. The desired outcomes of this cohort are: 1) ensuring churches are operating in compliance with all Federal, state, and local laws and regulations; 2) training and equipping in multiple functional/organizational areas of the church typically outside of the LPs expertise or interest; 3) preparing the LP to hire their future XP; and 4) building a lasting personal relationship with fellow LP cohort members for support, encouragement, and consultation.


Cohort Leader

tim beltz


Tim Beltz is the founder and principal of 10 Talents Consulting. He also serves as a member and Treasurer of the Sojourn Network Board of Directors and as a Strategist. Tim was the former Executive Pastor of Sojourn Community Church from 2013 - 2016 and Mars Hill Church in Seattle from 2007 - 2011. He has been a pastor/elder at 5 churches for over two decades.

Tim has extensive executive experience in the non-profit, public and private sectors...7 years as a CEO, 12 years as a COO. He has led 4 organizations ranging from 25 employees to 2,000 staff members with budgets exceeding $170M. He spent 25 years in the U.S. Coast Guard commanding two units and served as the Special Assistant to the U.S. Secretary of Transportation and Resource Director for the Western part of the globe. These experiences and lessons learned provide the basis for his consulting work with churches around the country.

Tim married his high school sweetheart, Patty, 43 years ago. They have two adult children and two grandsons. They recently moved to Punta Gorda, FL to restart his consulting practice while enjoying hobbies of sailing, tennis, and traveling with Patty.

What others are saying...

We received these statements from the cohort members participating in the first XP Cohort:

As always, Tim's expertise and quiet leadership have proven effective. He has influenced me in my role an XP, and consequently us as a church significantly. From processes to paradigms, we are different because of his sacrifice of time to serve us in the XP role. Thank you Tim. It is blessing to call him friend.
Tim taught and coached us well. He was humble, patient and really took time to understand what guys were experiencing and answered questions thoughtfully and transparency. I was helped tremendously. The individual coaching calls and the time together at the beginning of the cohort were major wins.
It was tremendously helpful to connect with other leaders in the network. Great stuff on values. Time of retreat, opportunities to meet and interact with a variety of XPs at different levels, leaning into Tim's years and experience. We are in the process of planting a church. The timing of this cohort helped us have many "obvious conversations" in the office...and we pray that those conversations have sparked many more.
The cohort provided me, as an XP, the tools to take those conversations (that have in the past been "good ideas" or "something we should really talk more about") and convert them into action and/or change. I praise God for His obvious providence in this! Tim coached me personally through some fairly significant organizational instability. A one-hour phone call, which was part of the cohort, probably saved me months of heartache related to budget and multi-site organization and strategy.
It was a joy to get to know several other XPs in the network. I've followed up one on one with a couple of them to trade best practices.
Coming into this cohort I wasn't sure what to expect. Joining with the rest of the XPs in Florida for our kick-off proved to be extremely fruitful and begin what I hope to be lifelong ministry relationships. It has been a joy to be cared and prayed for, challenged on stances, and encouraged in the midst of a busy season. “Bearing one another's burdens" became actualized in the life of this cohort. Cohorts like these are so valuable in maintaining long-term vitality and fruitfulness in the unrelenting grind of ministry.

For more information...

Please email Tim at timlbeltz@gmail.com and request the registration form and cohort specific information.