Since 2011, the mission of Sojourn Network has been to do all we can to help pastors plant, grow, and multiply healthy churches. This year’s annual retreat for lead pastors, board members, strategists, network staff, and their wives — as in years past — provides an opportunity for rest, renewal, feasting, ceasing from our work, fellowship, and space to be present with your spouse.

Theme: The Ministry Marriage
special guest: Paul Tripp

The theme of this year’s retreat is The Ministry Marriage and will feature Paul Tripp. We are honored to have Paul & Luella at this year’s retreat. Paul is very familiar with Sojourn Network and the privileges and pains of ministry. He and his wife will be here as family members who understand the unique challenge of millennial church planters and Gen X church leaders. The Ministry Marriage topic will include discussions and Q&A’s on the unique blessings, demands, and temptations that marriages encounter whether you are a planter, elder, pastor or church leader.

Afternoons will provide time to rest and relax on the beach and around the pool. Evenings will provide space for feasting and fellowship.

We hope this website provides you and your spouse with all the details you need to plan and attend this year’s retreat.