8 components of a healthy
church-planting network



GOAL: To help pastors’ plant, grow, and multiply healthy churches.

OVERVIEW: Sojourn Network’s vision for planting churches comes from the Vision Team, comprised of Advisory Board members and Network Strategists. This vision is then organized and implemented through an Executive Director and Associate Director, who then help provide the appropriate venues for training local network churches to be the primary vision carriers for the network. 


GOAL: To seek out and locate potential planters and partner churches and to provide assessments to these potential planters and partner churches. 


GOAL: To use 40-50% of our budget to directly fund church planters. 


GOAL: To coach new planters as well as existing pastors and key staff members of network churches. 


GOAL: To offer on-going training to Sojourn Network church pastors through shared resources, training events, residencies, digital platforms, and personal meetings. 


GOAL: Sojourn Network seeks to provide avenues for renewal to take place such as an annual retreat for lead pastors and their wives, facilitation of on-going relationships and care, strategic spiritual and personal counsel, crisis care and counseling, and network-wide prayer. Ultimately, as our pastors are renewed, we hope that renewal comes to their families and to the members of their churches. 


GOAL: To identify, assess, develop, and send church planters that we have shaped, trained, and will continue to be relation- ally invested in throughout their ministry. residencies are a key feature of this component, forming the primary venue for development of church leaders and staff, church planters, and missionaries. 


GOAL: To provide each network church with resources that are actively and generously shared. Examples include documents, tools, technology, advice and guidance in key ministry areas such as worship and arts, connect and hospitality, preaching, children’s and family ministry, mercy ministry, church planting and missions, group life, operations, etc.