Who is this event for?

If you are a church planter or an existing church pastor and are interested in learning more about what partnership with Sojourn Network looks like, the Alignment Weekend is for you! Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from and interact with some of our network pastors and staff as we discuss how Sojourn Network seeks to partner with pastors to help them plant, grow and multiply healthy churches that last.


What topics will be covered?

Together, we’ll explore questions like:

  • What is Sojourn Network?
  • What do Sojourn Network churches believe?
  • What practices and values unify all Sojourn Network churches?
  • What does partnership with our network look like practically?
  • What kinds of services and ministries does Sojourn Network offer to its pastors and church planters?
  • Is Sojourn Network the right home for me and our church?

It is our aim and hope that you will walk away from this weekend with a clear understanding of what partnership looks like between SN as a church planter or as an existing church pastor and, if interested in pursuing partnership, what you can expect along the way.



Friday, January 26

6:30  • Registration (Sojourn Midtown — map)
7:00  • Welcome & Introductions — Jamin Stinziano
7:30  • What Is Sojourn Network? — Jamin Stinziano
9:00  • Hangout @ Rye (map)

Saturday, January 27

9:00  • Light Breakfast
9:30  • What Do Sojourn Network Churches Believe? — Gregg Allison
10:30 • Break
[After break, attendees will break into two groups:
(1) potential Sojourn Network church planters;
(2) potential Sojourn Network existing church partners.

10:45 Group #1: Church Planter Track — Barry Rager
 • Profile of a SN Church Planter
 • How We Help Church Planters

10:45 Group #2: Existing Church Track — Jamus Edwards
 • Profile of a SN Church
 • How We Help Existing Churches

12:15pm Lunch
 • Top 10 Reasons Churches & Church Planters Join SN — Dave Owens

1:00 • Clarify next steps & Final Q&A — Dave Owens
2:00 • Close

Sunday, January 28
(optional, but recommended)

9:00 • Attend a service at a Sojourn Church location in Louisville




Airbnb is another popular option here in Louisville. We recommend the Crescent Hill or St. Matthews neighborhoods.


Once you have registered, here are a few things you can do before the Alignment Weekend to help our team get to know you and ensure that you (and your spouse) come prepared to maximize your time with us.

  1. Please familiarize yourself with the content on our “about” page.
  2. Please read the exploring church planters page to learn more about the planting process.
  3. If you haven’t done so already, complete our Church Planter Connect Questionnaire prior to the Alignment Weekend.
  4. Complete our Calling Questionnaire. This helps us learn more about you, your family, your spiritual journey, and your calling to church plant.
  5. Read over the Church Planter Profile to get an idea of the “profile” of a typical, qualified Sojourn Network church planter. 
  6. Upload documents from Step 4 using the form below.

  1. Please familiarize yourself with the content on our “about” page.
  2. Please read the exploring churches page to learn about the church “adoption” process.
  3. If you haven’t done so already, complete our Existing Church Connect Questionnaire.
  4. Complete our Church Adoption Questionnaire. This helps us learn more about you, your church, and why you're exploring partnership.
  5. Upload document from Step 4 using the form below.
  6. Take a read through this blog series by Aaron Gray, lead pastor of Sound City Bible Church, which articulates why their church joined Sojourn Network in 2017.  

For all attendees...

Some other resources you might check out prior to attending our Alignment Weekend that will help you get to know us would include the following:

Story Films


Ebooks and White Papers

There’s a growing number of white papers and eBooks on our website. These are packed full of helpful content that will also give you an idea of some of the beliefs, values, ministry philosophies and practices that Sojourn Network churches are aiming towards.

The Podcast

The podcast is home to dozens of conference training sessions from the past five years. These topics will introduce you to the type of content we program at our conferences.


Where is the Alignment Weekend?

This Alignment Weekend will be held at Sojourn Church in Louisville, KY: 1207 S. Shelby Street, Louisville KY 40207

Is this a good event to bring my wife to?


Is there childcare?


Should I plan to attend Sojourn Church on Sunday morning after the Alignment Weekend is over?

Attending a service at Sojourn on Sunday is not a mandatory part of the Alignment Weekend. However, we highly encourage you to stay and experience a Sunday gathering if your schedule permits.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $125 for an individual and $225 for couples. Churches bringing a group of three or more the cost is $105 per person.

What is included in my registration?

Registration includes a Friday night hangout, plus breakfast and lunch on Saturday. It also ensures we are able to bring in network pastors and leaders who will provide quality and helpful teaching and guidance for you as you process your decision to partner with Sojourn Network.

Can I register for just one of the days?

To get the most out of the Alignment Weekend, we recommend attending the entire event. If you cannot attend the entire conference, you will still need to pay full price.

How does the Alignment Weekend help potential church planters?

In our experience of working with church planters who are exploring both a call to ministry and church planting, as well as exploring the right network to partner with for their ministry, we found that we needed something to serve these men and their families in between the “exploring” phase and the “assessment” phase in order to:

  1. help them gain clarity on the life and mission of a church planter,
  2. help them self-evaluate their call to ministry and church planting,
  3. help them understand that vocational church planting is not something to embark on without great consideration,
  4. and provide a venue for early conversations that help direct a potential planter and his family on the right path towards planting a new church.

How does the Alignment Weekend serve the staff and pastors of Sojourn Network?

Do I have to be a member of a Sojourn Network church to attend the Alignment Weekend?

No. The Alignment Weekend is meant to serve prospective church planters and existing church pastors both in and outside our network of churches who are interested in learning more about what partnership with SN looks like.

Where does the Alignment Weekend fall in Sojourn Network’s church planting process?

Attending the Alignment Weekend is the first phase of SN’s church planting process. Attendees who are both ready to plant a church and who have strong alignment with Sojourn Network will be encouraged with appropriate next steps.

Does attendance at the Alignment Weekend guarantee my acceptance into Sojourn Network?

Attending the Alignment Weekend should help answer the question: are you a good fit for SN, and are we the right network for you? The goal of this event is to help identify potential planters and pastors that are aligned with SN beliefs and values who can then move on towards a more formal assessment process. Likely, this will not be the case for everyone. If after the Alignment Weekend we determine that you indeed would be a good fit for SN, then we will then extend an invitation into our assessment process.