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 Annual Report 2019


“The Lord’s lovingkindnesses indeed never cease, For His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.” — Lamentations 3:22-23

Throughout the scriptures, God constantly exhorts his people to remember what he has done in ages past. His reminder to remember his grace in the past is an encouragement to trust him in the present and for what he plans for us in the future. This annual report is a glance at our past that serves several purposes.

First, we want to celebrate. God has been abundantly faithful to our family of churches. So often my experience in Sojourn Network reminds me that God takes a little and multiplies it for his glory, our good, and good of others. Just look at all that he has done in our midst! Last year alone, we helped assess and train 13 new church planters, saw nearly a dozen new cohorts launched that trained several dozen church leaders, launched a new podcast to serve current and future pastors through story-telling, deployed nearly a dozen leaders who, collectively, made over 50 visits to network churches to strengthen and encourage them, and published several new resources—including six new paperback books in our "how-to" series.

Second, this annual report provides a measure of accountability and transparency between network leadership and network members who give generously so we can do this work. The mission of Sojourn Network isn’t carried forward by a small few; rather, it is propelled by every person who is pursuing the mission together in step with the Spirit.

Third, this is a challenge for us to remain faithful. One of my prayers for Sojourn Network has been that as God makes us bigger, we would never lose the spirit and focus we had at our beginning — that our primary mission is to equip healthy leaders to plant, grow, and multiply durable churches marked by wholeness, renewal-driven mission, collaboration, and convictional creativity. Now in our 9th year, we are a network of some 75 churches spread all across the United States, and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for us for the next 9 years. Our God is not just a God of the past. He’s a God of the present and of the future. I firmly believe that the best is yet to come!

Dave O.
Interim Executive Director

Notable Numbers

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Worshippers in Weekly Services

Over 25,000 people attend a Sojourn Network church on any given Sunday.


Season 1 This is Sojourn Network Episodes

This Is Sojourn Network chronicles the journey of a family of pastors and churches through the years and across the country.


Ministry Training & Encouragement Visits

The experience of supplemental care is deeply treasured and represents one of the essential reasons our network exists.



4 New Books

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Visit the sojourn network store for the complete series

New Podcast Launched


Season 1 featured 10 episodes…

Everyone has a family. And every family has a story. This Is Sojourn Network chronicles the journey of a family of pastors and churches through the years and across the country. These conversations are grounded in real relationships and demonstrate how the collaboration we share with each other in the gospel can transcend culture, distance, and even death. This is our family. We invite you in. It’s little, and broken, and beautiful. This is Sojourn Network.

season 2 will release mid-2019 with 10 new stories.



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The Leaders’ Summit

Our network hosted over 450 men and women at our annual Leaders’ Summit in Louisville, where we dove into the topic of Ministry That Lasts. We also saw over 135 attend one of the 8 Pre-Conference Intensives.

Ministry That Lasts sought to address this question: whether you're a preaching pastor, worship director, youth leader, executive pastor, Sunday school teacher, women's ministry director, or any other kind of leader, what does it take to sustain a ministry in such a way that it will flourish for the long haul?

The Alignment Intensive

One of the ways we seek to serve leaders and churches is by paying careful attention to what we call “alignment.” Alignment is crucial for healthy relationships and ministry, so we put great effort into guiding and resourcing 28 potential church planters & their wives during our Alignment Intensive.

For those interested in exploring more about our network and The Alignment Intensive, click below.

the lead pastor & wives’ retreat

Every year our network serves its churches by providing a space for lead pastors and their wives to retreat for rest and renewal. In 2018 we hosted 155+ pastors & wives at our annual Lead Pastors & Wives’ Retreat in Naples, FL.

For those interested in why we retreat, see “Why Retreat?

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