Who should attend?

Harbor Media exists to help Christians navigate a post-Christian world. Much has changed in our culture in the last decade, and Christians everywhere find themselves under increasing pressure to either conform or disappear from public. This event is for those seeking to answer questions like, "How are we to respond to these pressures? What does a life of faithful presence look like in a hostile world?" We want to wrestle with these questions, and we want to suggest a way forward.



Monday, October 23
Sojourn Community Church | East Campus
2501 Rudy Lane, Louisville, KY 40207


9:00am - 10:00am


10:00am - Session 1

On the Vocation of Artists : David Taylor
Drawing on his book, The Theater of God's Glory, David will explore the vocation of artists as a call to draw attention to all that is good in the world, all that is broken, and all that is being renewed.


Q&A : Mike Cosper (Moderator) and David Taylor
Text-in Q&A from the audience.

10:50am - Break

11:00am - Session 2

Fierce Convictions : Karen Swallow Prior
Drawing on themes from her biography of abolitionist Hannah More, Karen will talk about the role of conviction in confronting cultural evils, such as abortion. How can the church corporately and Christians individually resist the pressures of institutionalized evil?


Q&AMike Cosper (Moderator) and Karen Swallow Prior
Text-in Q&A from the audience.

11:50am - Break : Lunch served

1:00pm - Panel

Mike Cosper, Karen Swallow Prior, Brett McCracken, and David Taylor :           Churches, Christians, and Faithful Presence
Text-in Q&A from the audience.

1:45pm - Break  

2:00pm - Session 3

Wonder and Faithful Presence : Mike Cosper
Mike will discuss the role of the imagination in cultivating a counter-cultural life and a counter-cultural church. Themes explored will include the role of the arts and the role of worship in forming the imagination.


Q&A : Mike Cosper and Brett McCracken (Moderator)
Text-in Q&A from the audience.

2:50pm - Break

3:00pm - Session 4

The Church as Counter-Culture : Brett McCracken
Drawing on themes from his books, Hipster Christianity and Uncomfortable, Brett will describe the Church’s place as a counter-cultural institution, challenging the surrounding world with its commitments to community, faithfulness, and sense of history.


Q&A : Mike Cosper (Moderator) and Brett McCracken
Text-in Q&A from the audience.

4:00pm - End