Our Core Beliefs



Sojourn Network’s confessional theology is adapted from The Gospel Coalition’s statement of faith and provides a clear, simple, and biblical confession of faith to unite our churches.

In addition to this confession, Sojourn Network churches affirm 5 additional beliefs.

Additional Beliefs

  • Believer’s Baptism
  • The Lord’s Supper/Communion
  • A complementarian view of men and women in the church
  • Elder-led churches
  • Reformed churches


The theological vision of Sojourn Network is a customizable interpretive grid for linking our theological confession to our local ministry methods. “A theological vision is a vision for what you are going to do with your doctrine in a particular time and place.” (Tim Keller, Center Church, 18)

A Whole Vision of...

  • God's Glory
  • Our Growth
  • The Great Commission informs a...

Whole Gospel of...

  • God's Kingdom
  • The Cross
  • God's Grace fuels the...

Whole Church for service as...

  • Worshippers
  • Disciples
  • Family
  • Servants
  • Witnesses and send them into the...

Whole World in our...

  • Location (where we live)
  • Vocation (where we work)
  • Recreation (where we play)
  • Restoration (where we meet needs)
  • Multiplication (where we multiply the gospel)

Whole Person

  • Head
  • Heart
  • Hands


As we take timeless truths from Scripture and begin to faithfully restate them as a theological vision for life, ministry, and mission for this particular moment in history, our theological confession and theological vision express themselves in certain local ministries and methods in our local Sojourn Network churches. You can find more on these methods in the various "How-To" ebooks and papers we've published, available here

    The Church Gathered

    • Expository Preaching
    • Liturgical Worship (with baptism and communion)
    • Attractional Kids Ministry
    • Ministries of Hospitality, Membership, and Follow-Up are encouraged in some form.

    The Church Scattered

    • Community Groups
    • Local, National, and International Mission/Church Planting
    • Local Mercy / Benevolence Ministries



    Our church pastors believe that all theology is practical and all practice is theological.


    Our church pastors believe that being in relationships with other pastors and church leaders keeps them healthy, spiritually vibrant, and in ministry for the long-haul.


    Our church pastors are generous, sharing their time, talents, ministry expertise, finances, and people to help pastors plant, grow and multiply healthy churches.


    Our church pastors are teachable, open to learning from others both inside the network and out.