How Gospel-Centered Is Your Doctrine?

The theological linchpin of the church is the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is utterly indispensable. It simply cannot be replaced. It is the front page on the newspaper of the Christian life. It isn’t mere advice, it is the most unique and valuable news in all the cosmos. It is all we have to offer a world in dire need of redemption. So to be “gospel-centered” in our doctrine is of immeasurable importance because our faith hinges on this specific message; distorting it can cause serious damage. So how can we know if our doctrine is gospel-centered? What is the shape of it?

Diary of a Racist (Part 1)

Over a series of three posts, I plan to trace the theme of racial reconciliation through the scriptures. My prayer is that together we will find a theological frame that will help us both to speak (Acts 15:7-11) and, by God’s grace, also to live (Gal. 3:11-16) as ambassadors of reconciliation (Eph.2: 13-19). In the final post, I want to share some observations that raise, I believe, some compelling questions. The primary audience in these posts will be other white pastors, beginning with the ones I serve in Sojourn Network.

Why We Need Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday ushers us into a season of fasting and seeking the Lord (Lent) in light of our impending date with death. It initiates a six week journey of pursuing God that culminates in Holy Week, where we fix our attention on the passion of Jesus.It is here we finally celebrate (Easter), because through Jesus’ suffering we gain deliverance. By his death and through his resurrection, our sin has been paid for and our enemy, Death, has been defeated.

Resource Roundup #43

We love the next big thing. The next innovative thing. The next money making thing. The next fashionable thing. The next technological thing. The next entertaining thing. The next fitness thing. The next dietary thing. The next funny thing. These resources aren't merely here to entertain us, but to evoke in us a beautiful awe that leads us to worship, to love, and to serve. Enjoy!

Building a New Competency – Assessment & Evaluation

One of the typical weaknesses of the local church that I have observed over the years is the ability to assess and evaluate people for a variety of leadership positions. That runs the spectrum from new hires to elder/deacon selections to church planters. How can I make such a rash and generalized statement? In my 42 years of supervising, managing, and leading people, I have made almost 1,850 hiring decisions…and fired 55 staff (to the best of my recollection) for a variety of reasons.