2 Events on Faithful Gospel-Living in Your Community

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Recently, I was chatting with a church planter who is gearing up to plant a new church in Oakland, CA. As he was giving me a general update, a comment he made suddenly jumped out at me: “City leaders aren’t really that excited anymore about churches existing — or coming into — their neighborhoods. Most of them don’t do a whole lot for their community anymore and, on top of that, they don’t pay any taxes!”

In other words, many churches in this neighborhood were actually a life-sucking, faithless, gospel-anemic, light-burrowing drain to their community instead of a life-giving, faith-filled, gospel-saturating, light-shining community of sinner-saints seeking the welfare of their city and the flourishing of all people.

What a contrast.

The good news is that I know a great many churches who desire to take meaningful steps to see their communities renewed and saturated by the gospel. Whether it’s starting schools, discipling the poor out of poverty, providing supplemental health care services via medical clinics, providing job training, surveying their neighborhood to better understand it, or simply teaching their members how to life faithful lives in a faithless culture, many churches in Sojourn Network (and many other faithful churches in organizations like 20 Schemes) are doing a great many small things to see a big, powerful gospel saturate their communities for the glory of God.

And Sojourn Network wants to provide two helpful mini conferences to help more pastors and churches be a life-giving — rather than a life-draining — presence in their communities. The following two pre-conferences are part of our annual Leaders’ Summit and emphasize different aspects of faithful gospel living in your community. Or, another way to say it, they answer two big questions that pastors and Christian alike think about regularly:

  1. What small, constructive steps can our church take to see holistic renewal in our community?
  2. How can I live a faith-filled life in a faithless culture?

What small, constructive steps how our church take to see holistic renewal in our community?

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To answer this question, we’ve asked Seed to Oaks to host a mini conference on Monday, October 23 in Louisville, KY. If you and your church are interested in better understanding your own neighborhoods and walking away with a clear strategy to accelerate your church’s ability to disciple the poor out of poverty, provide job training, or supplemental health care for those in your community, then this is the pre-conference for you!

How can I live a faith-filled life in a faithless culture?

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If you’re interested in learning how, as a faith-filled Christian, to better navigate an increasingly secular culture, we’ve asked Mike Cosper and Harbor Media to host a mini conference to wrestle through questions like:

  • "How are we to respond to these pressures?
  • What does a life of faithful presence look like in a hostile world?"

Much has changed in our culture in the last decade, and Christians everywhere find themselves under increasing pressure to either conform or disappear from public. Through this pre-conference our hope is that you’ll be encouraged and a way forward will become clear.

Both of these pre-conferences are only $50.

Sign up today!