Grateful & Praying for J.D. Greear

Earlier this month the Southern Baptist Convention—the largest Protestant body in the United States and the largest Baptist denomination in the world—elected 45-year-old pastor J. D. Greear as its 62nd president, the youngest man to hold the office in 38 years.

We here at Sojourn Network want to extend our gratitude to J.D. for serving the church so well over the years. His ministry is one that we've benefitted from immensely, and we're thrilled that he's been elected to this position. We want to extend a heart-felt congratulation to him, his family, and his church. We will be praying for you, J.D., and encouraging the pastors and churches of Sojourn Network to do the same. 

Last year, J.D. graciously accepted an invitation to speak at our annual Leaders' Summit held in Louisville, Kentucky. As usual, he left a powerful, gospel-centered mark on our network audience and one we will not soon forget. We're sharing the audio below for those of you who weren't there or would like to revisit it. Take it in. Take it to heart. Then take it to your friends! 

Brannon McAllister