5 Things You Should Care About + New Coaching Cohort!

Ministry encompasses so many facets and disciplines that it can be mind boggling and tiresome to even consider some of them. The years of preparation at seminary and serving as an intern or resident most often won’t prepare a lead pastor or church planter for the world of work a typical executive pastor handles or oversees.

I am so blessed to have a passion (and some expertise) in many of the areas causing lead pastors and church planters to roll their eyes and wince in pain, especially those leaders without a capable staff member to delegate these “rattlesnakes” to. Unfortunately, some of these areas are rooted in law or regulation, so failure to comply creates personal liability to the well-intended and overworked lead pastor.

What happens if you don’t have an XP or some other competent staffer or volunteer?

This scenario likely has been the primary reason for the creation and rapid popularity of the executive pastor (XP) position within the evangelical church over the past 3 decades. The XP can accept these delegations with gusto and make most of the pain and complexity simply “go away.”

But what happens if you don’t have an XP or some other competent staffer or volunteer? Well, you have reached a critical crossroads. You may choose to simply “not care” about these very complicated, specialized, and bureaucratic-looking matters, or you find yourself losing sleep nightly because you have a vague notion of the possible consequences of non-compliance.

Assuming the Holy Spirit moves you to the choice of wisdom, then the question changes from “Why should I care?” to the question of, “What do I need to know?”

New Coaching Cohort

I am working with Sojourn Network staff to design a very special one semester coaching cohort to answer that question for you. Current plans are to launch the cohort with a two-day opening retreat in southwest Florida on February 9-10, 2017. The cohort would end on June 8th.

The content will be highly practical, customized, and contextualized for the lead pastor/church planter without an XP.  The cohort syllabus will contain loads of reference materials, templates, case studies, with large blocks of time reserved for discussion and Q&A. The fundamentals and basics for the following areas will be covered:

  1. Incorporation, Bylaws and Governance
  2. Finance, Accounting and Budget
  3. HR
  4. Legal
  5. Property and Facilities

Look for the cohort registration announcement this coming Fall.

*Note: the cohort is limited to 12 members in order to maximize the experience.