Board Chair Appoints Task Force for Multisite Funding

Stemming from the board meeting at the beginning of 2015, Sojourn Network will task a group of pastors and church leaders to explore the application and funding of multisite churches. This group of pastors and leaders include: Gregg Allison, Kevin Galloway, Nick Nye, John Stark, Paul Gilbert, and Brian Frye.

The task force will make recommendations to the board to consider how to best serve churches and advance the global mission of God’s kingdom. Three specific areas will be considered by the task force:

  1. A definition and theological reflection on multisite churches
  2. The role of Sojourn Network in supporting multisite churches
  3. Determine Sojourn Network’s assessment of, and funding for, multisite churches

The goal, as Chairman Dave Harvey put is, “is to carefully consider whether we are capable of expanding our funding beyond church planting to funding local church expansion through multisite.” Please be in prayer for the task forces and they explore these questions.