Cultivating Vibrant Elderships in Everett

We love sharing encouraging stories and updates from around our network. Here's a recent one from Everett, Washington!

Last Saturday, Dave Harvey (Executive Director) was able to spend the morning with the elders of Foundation Church in Everett, WA. During their time together they talked about many different things, but the majority of time was spent discussing church health and, in particular, how to cultivate a flourishing and vibrant elder team that is mixed between full-time vocational, part-time vocational, and lay elders.

Ryan Williams, Lead Pastor of Foundation Church, put it like this:

Dave was able to provide wisdom and insight into the underlying keys to health among our team and some practical tips on how we might function well. We also spent some time celebrating what God is doing throughout Sojourn Network, as churches are being planted all over the USA. We closed our time with Dave recording an encouraging video that we were able to show to our congregation on the following day during our services. We praise God for our time with Dave and our participation in the network.

We're grateful for Foundation Church and their desire to pray for and support what is going on in our network. Rumor has it that they are planning on highlighting one Sojourn Network church plant per month to be praying for as a church. Great idea! 

Please keep Foundation Church, Ryan Williams, and their elder team in your prayers.