Evidences of Grace in Refuge Church

Evidences of grace are signposts of the work of Jesus in the life of a church. We want to highlight and celebrate with you several evidences of God's grace from this past year in Refuge Church!


Baptism Sunday

We had our first Baptism Sunday at Refuge Church in October of this year! It was an amazing and powerful time celebrating God's resurrecting grace in four of our brothers and sisters at Refuge! March 4th will be our next Baptism Sunday and we already have 5 people signed up! God is answering our prayers by bringing people from death to life! Praise be to our great God!


Community Thanksgiving Dinner

We at refuge have an amazing gospel partner in Blueprint58 (Check out more about them HERE!). This year we we had the privilege of hosting and serving in their yearly Community Thanksgiving Dinner at Refuge Church! What an amazing time we had with over 150 of our neighbors! Below is how one of our church members (who leads Blueprint58) put it in her recent blog.

"After of all of that ridiculous busy-ness, we all sat down at long banquet tables piled high with Turkey and ham and various thanksgiving side-dishes and glowing with candlelight, and together we shared a meal and swapped stories. I am not sure I can think of a clearer picture of the Kingdom than this sharing of food across a table with people from diverse pasts and presents who clamber past difference to kinship. Grace sneaks in when WE do not serve THEM, but we all pile our plates high with food and sit side-by-side. Communion and community inextricably bound, the mystery of Christ looms near in the sharing of turkey and macaroni and pumpkin pie from paper plates." - Rabecca Stanley


Here are a few of many more evidences of God's Grace from this past year...

  • Salvations: Several people, both adults and kids, have come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. As mentioned before, we already have 5 people signed up for our next Baptism Service in March!
  • Pancakes: We have seen God gather over 200 new people from the neighborhood to share a meal, stories, prayers, and the gospel at our monthly pancake breakfasts. God has used pancakes to give our church family incredible favor in our community! I cannot tell you how many people have come to be family members at Refuge through our monthly pancake breakfasts!
  • Kids Ministry: We have officially launched RefugeKids and by God's grace we were able to bring on our new Kids Director, Kim Bego! We have over 20 kiddos pre-k through 5th grade every week hearing about Jesus and growing to be like him! 
  • Mercy: Through our mercy ministry at Refuge we have seen God move mightily for his glory!  We have seen God use our church to aid in the process of finding several people in our community and in our church new jobs. In addition, we have been able to be a loving presence for many in our community in the midst of the valley of the shadow of death.
  • Growth: We are seeing God grow people in the gospel! Leaders are being formed, and God continues to add to our church family workers for the harvest who are rooted in our neighborhood that have been faithfully sharing their lives and the gospel with others for years!  Our church family has doubled if not tripled in size over this past year!
  • New Facility: We moved into our new facility this past July! What an incredible gift this was from God! We have seen the gospel bring forth an incredible amount of fruit since we moved in! 
  • Gospel Partners: God continues to provide gospel partners who pray with and for us, who are present with us, and who are giving and giving generously so the gospel will continue to go forth and transform our neighborhoods.

We want to thank each and every gospel partner we have who prays with and for us, serves with us, and gives generously to the mission of God going forward through Refuge Church!

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