Generosity & Collaboration: A Network Letter from Dave Harvey

Dear Friends:

If you have watched the video online or at the Sojourn Network (SN) Leaders' Summit, you know the story.

Gospel Community Church (GCC) in Owensboro, Kentucky (lead pastor: Danny Hinton) was able to move into their own meeting space this year. Perhaps a small step for most churches, but GCC is not “most churches.” In fact, GCC has a unique mission to reach the fourth largest unreached people group in the entire world — the Deaf Community.

Did you know there are 7.5 million deaf individuals in the United States and there are only 39 churches (of any denomination) equipped to reach them? Were you aware that 750 deaf people die every day without hearing the gospel? Danny Hinton knows. He was cut to the core when he discovered these realities and then dedicated his life to serving this urgent need.

And our little family of churches in SN gets to help!

Tangibly, this meant financial help to Danny and the church. We were then able to celebrate with GCC when they acquired their very own facility, outfitted specifically to reach the underserved, unreached, differently-abled peoples in Owensboro and throughout the region. It’s hard to describe the honor we feel over the privilege of partnering with GCC!

If you ever wonder where the monthly giving to SN actually goes, think about the Deaf Community; think about churches like Gospel Community Church. Every day, your support makes stories like Danny and GCC’s a reality.

I share this story as a small demonstration of the important fruit being born from your generosity and our collaboration. By God’s grace, we are a network family filled with financially-faithful churches. Churches with a vision to spread and share what they have been given within their church, towards their communities, and with the distinct partnership we share through SN.  

At SN, we celebrate flourishing, wherever it is found. We don’t define success through stats and numbers, but we do use them to help us evaluate our efforts and to celebrate God’s faithfulness towards our R&D energies. Through the unrelenting grace of God at work in the partnership of 55 churches in 20 states, God enabled us to:

  • Help plant 10 churches since the beginning of 2017
  • Approve 10 new church plants for funding in 2018
  • Invest over $234,000 in 16 different church planters
  • Add 7 new partner churches
  • Assess 13 church planters
  • Send over $525,000 to the field
  • Launch our E-Book Series with 4 “How-To” books on aspects of pastoral ministry, written by various leaders within SN, with 6 more to be released by mid-2018
  • Start 9 new cohorts serving over 50 men and women
  • Provide over $12,000 worth of scholarships for men and women to participate in cohorts across SN
  • Fund over 50 strategist visits to network churches for ministry training, sharpening, and support
  • Host 2 Pre-Conferences before enjoying a wonderful Leaders’ Summit, where we equipped and encouraged 450+ people in Louisville, KY and sought to serve the 100+ guests that joined us
  • Care, love, and serve 150+ pastors and wives at our annual Lead Pastors & Wives’ Retreat in Naples, FL
  • Sponsor two regional Micro-Conferences: Ethnos in Baltimore, MD and Gospel Centered Parenting in Everett, WA
  • Celebrate 200+ baptisms across the network in 2017!

As you review this data, please see beyond the numbers to the goodness and faithfulness of God!

Though we have accomplished much together in 2017, there is still much to be done. There are still many pastors who need help in the essential work of “planting, growing, and multiplying healthy churches that last.

With that important call in view, I want to invite you to help us finish 2017 strong and adequately prepare for hitting January 2018 with serious momentum. I want to ask you to prayerfully consider an end-of-year financial gift to SN. Remember, your kind gifts fund a ministry that exists for pastors and for the local church.

You can make a donation by giving a one-time gift or mailing a check to the network office.
(Please note: in order for these gifts to be tax deductible they must be postmarked and/or given before December 31, 2017).

Give Today

Thank you for being a part of the SN family (or a friend or ours!) and helping us accomplish the vision God has given us.


Dave Harvey

You can donate using the button or mail us a check at:
PO Box 4819 Louisville, KY 40204.