God Was In A Birmingham Trailer

This past Sunday in Birmingham, Alabama one of our network churches (Immanuel Church) was set to move into their new gathering space. Opening the doors to a new gathering space is always an exciting time for a church; unfortunately for Immanuel, when they showed up to the space the day before the launch they discovered that their 24’ trailer with all of the equipment on it (literally everything they had used for setting up the worship gatherings at the previous location) was gone. So they did what they could…they prayed and asked for prayer. They prayed for sanity—that they would not lose heart—hoping in God alone. 

And the Lord heard the cries of his children in Birmingham. He did what he does best, provides for our every need.

The next 30 hours were incredible. After discovering that their trailer had been stolen, Immanuel saw God show up in a BIG way! They had so many people loan and donate items that they literally had to turn stuff down! The body of Christ is amazing, is it not? Needless to say, they were amped and ready to celebrate the goodness of the Lord, not only for providing the new space, but for filling it (again) with everything needed (and more)!

The photos below give you a glimpse into Immanuel's new space. As you scan these images we hope they serve as a reminder that hope in God is never wasted. He is a good, good Father!