Resource Roundup #1

Featured Resource:
Pastoring in a Secular Age

Mike Cosper, Founder & Director of Harbor Media, sketches out four things about ministry in a post-Christian culture, ranging from the effects of modernity on the Church, to ways to think about evangelism, to why the Star Wars prequels sucked.

7 Habits of Long-Tenured Pastors

Thom Rainer has been following these long-tenured pastors for years. And he has seen consistently seven patterns, or habits, in their lives. To be sure, these habits are not unique to long-tenured pastors. But they do seem to be most consistent among those pastors who have been at one church for at least ten years.

The Thriving Smaller Church

Smaller churches are not always unhealthy churches; it depends largely on their mindset. According to the research in this article, small churches which experienced revitalization often did so around these two things.

The Pastor's Work Week

What is a pastor supposed to be doing all day? What are the duties and tasks that other pastors do during the day and how do they arrange them in a way that makes sense and is fruitful? Ronnie Martin takes a stab at an answer and outlines his own personal work-week schedule in the process.

Listening as a Leader

Learning who to listen to is just as important as learning how to listen. In a world of unlimited resources, self-proclaimed experts, and incredible access through technology to information, discerning which voices to listen to can be a difficult task for a any leader.

What's the Best Way for a Pastor to Negotiate Salary?

A pastor talking salary can be awkward stuff. Annual incomes are, after all, the things of earth; unspiritual and unbecoming—far from the meditations of the heavenly minded minister. Or so it seems. In the world of wages, pastors inhabit some pretty conflicted space. If you find yourself in this space, reading this article may make sense (pun intended).

5 Common Mistakes of Urban Church Planters

This isn't a generic list describing common mistakes all church planters make, such as not praying enough, not taking care for the family, and so forth. This list deliberately focuses on common mistakes of urban church planters from the vantage point of a planter in NYC.