Resource Roundup #3

Featured Resource: 
How to Plant a Church, Not a Service

In this featured resource, Joel Brooks, Lead Pastor of Redeemer Community Church in Birmingham, Alabama, reflects on the day he looked around and realized, "Hey, we’re one of the only ones left." Offering insight from personal experience, Joel dives into the stark realities of church planting and how not to plant a service, but rather a church.

How Do I Avoid Ministry Burnout?

Health requires rest. How can pastors do the work of the ministry while staying healthy, receiving adequate rest, and still avoid ministry burnout? Hershael York answers the question in this short clip.

Branding Guides: Take the Guessing Out of Design

Did you know that having a solid brand package can help your organization take the guessing out of design? Branding is everywhere these days. And it is important to the growth of companies and organizations, both non-profit and for profit. There's solid, concise concepts here for churches and church plants. If you're not familiar with branding, check it out. 

Creating a Culture of Hospitality

Church doesn’t just happen on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights. We all know that. In our busy and self-isolating culture, we have to make intentional, personal contact with each other if we want to be a real community. But how do we do it? Read and find out.

11 Reasons For A Weekly Service Review—And 4 Cautions Once You Start

Every Monday night, men from our church gather for a time of structured review of the Sunday service. Many of the men involved consider Monday night a highlight in their week—a time when they’re able to press further into God’s Word in a collegial setting. Personally, I’ve found these service reviews to be one of the most effective tools in ministry for mentoring men and growing as a preacher.

Gather — Live Worship Record

Andy & Rachel Graham released a record entitled "Gather: Live in the Living Room." Not your typical recording venture, but one you should explore. The goal of this record was to capture the worship of the community who have been meeting regularly in their living room for the past three years. Andy is a pastor at Summit Church, a Sojourn Network church in SWFL.