Resource Roundup #5

Featured Resource:
Helpful Tips for Grace-Based Classroom Management

One of the most important skills for a children’s ministry teacher to learn is how to manage behavior. I’ve found that this is particularly tricky for classroom teachers who are conscientious about the gospel. We know that we’re not saved by our performance so creating a list of classroom rules or giving too much attention to how well-behaved children are can seem harsh or legalistic. On the other hand, if a teacher doesn’t think about managing behavior at all, the class can get completely out of control, kids are difficult to teach, and the joy is completely sucked out of a ministry role. So, what can we do? Here are 4 traits and 9 key strategies to keep in mind.

Leading with Control Versus Leading with Influence

Leaders, if you want to to have a healthy team environment, you must learn to control less and influence more. The differences are measured in the results of creating a healthy team. Successful leaders understand the difference in leading with influence and leading with control. Tim Beltz has also written a helpful piece on this topic, as well as a downloadable case study to share with your team.

The Easiest Way to Memorize the Bible

What would you say if someone told you that it is possible to memorize the Bible before you even started to the process? What if the process itself proved to be a tangible, practical means of grace? What if you were able to remember what you memorized long-term? This method may help you do all three. Here is a summary of the process.

Geo-Targeted Maps for Your Church: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Google Maps has a handy (AND FREE!) tool that you can use to import a spreadsheet of addresses onto a map for use at your church. Our brains are very good at picking out patterns, so the visualization of data like this can be a powerful tool for decision-making. It could be used by your church in a number of different ways. Here's how to do it.

Video Resources from Dave Harvey, Mike Cosper, and brad house

Cross of Christ Church in Costa Mesa has a variety of video resources available on their YouTube channel. Included: When Sinners Say I Do marriage training from Dave Harvey, Shaped by What You Love by Mike Cosper, and Community Group with Brad House.