Resource Roundup #6

Featured Resource: 
Proclaiming Jesus by Tony Merida

Sojourn Network exists to help pastors plant, grow, and multiply healthy churches that last. Because healthy churches don't just happen, they are nurtured by healthy pastors who are devoted to God's word and deliver it with conviction. Proclaiming Jesus is a call to teach and preach that which is of first importance: the gospel. At the heart of Proclaiming Jesus is the belief that the gospel is what everyone needs, and it’s what everyone needs to learn to communicate. Available in your choice of epub, mobi, or PDF format. 

50 Books Recommended by This Year's TED Speakers

The much-buzzed-about conference generated a gargantuan list of intriguing book recommendations. Following on the heels of yesterday's post on the pastor's reading diet, we thought this would be helpful.

The Whole Christian Life Every Sunday

We believe liturgy matters. A well-planned worship service is a tremendous blessing to those who participate in it. A well-planned service is not necessarily one in which the projector never flickers and the microphones never buzz, or one in which the transitions are smooth and the sermon doesn’t go long. Rather, a well-planned service is one whose elements have been carefully planned to fulfill God’s purposes for the public gatherings of his church.

One of the Best Things a Pastor Can Give Aspiring Church Planters

Dan Hyun, a Sojourn Network pastor, love church planters because most who plant churches do so because of a driving vision that planting is the most effective way to reach the unchurched. "Their passion is to be admired. The reality, though, is that church planting is hard; planters struggle. Many challenges are par for the course and should be expected. In my observation and experience, however, I believe there are some kinds of difficulties that could be lessened with the right preparation."

Podcast Ep: Planting Churches in Resistant Areas

What methods and models should a church planter use when planting in a more resistant area? The NewChurches Q&A Podcast talks about church planting in places that are less saturated in the church. Its a healthy and needed call to have great faith in great things, but to also have realistic expectations. They also highlight the significance of bivocational ministry.

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