Resource Roundup #13

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How Stability Can Hurt A Church

Stability is often a goal for churches. Unfortunately, stable churches are often stagnant churches. So when we talk about stable churches today, it’s in that context. And there are five reasons that can be a very bad thing for a church.

Some highlights from this episode include:

  • Stable doctrine can be good thing. Stagnant ministry is not.
  • A stagnant church is not a church on mission.
  • Comfort is often the enemy of obedience.
  • For too many church members, the extent of their missions involvement is just giving money.
  • One of the biggest mistakes churches make is not being intentional about starting new groups.
  • If you’re not creating new groups, your church is likely inwardly focused.
  • Being a part of a local church means making a commitment to focus on others.

10X Your Results, One Tiny Action at a Time (The Power of Incremental Progress)

Peter Drucker once said “People often overestimate what they can accomplish in one year. But they greatly underestimate what they could accomplish in five years.”

What CEOs are reading in 2017

Whether you’re heading to a Northern-hemisphere beach or hunkering down for a Southern hemisphere winter, take inspiration from this eclectic and inspiring mix of fiction and nonfiction books, dog-eared and new. Find picks from Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, the Dow Chemical Company’s Andrew Liveris, Maria Ramos of Barclays Africa Group, and General Sir Nick Carter, head of the British Army, among others.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Selects the Eight Books Every Intelligent Person on the Planet Should Read

The pick at the top of his list might surprise you. But it shouldn't.

Church Planting with Kids

If you’re a parent and ministry worker, you know how hard it can be to juggle the responsibilities of family and church. On one hand, you have your church family who looks to you for spiritual guidance and wisdom, and on the other, you have your family at home who needs their parent’s attention, love, and support.

How Russell Moore Writes

In this episode of Signposts, Russell Moore talks about his approach to writing. From keeping track of ideas to writing books and articles, this podcast offers you a look at the whole process. For those of you who prefer to read, you can find the full transcript there as well.

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