Resource Roundup #14

“Soul-care” is a signature value of Sojourn Network. Such a claim is not a subtle display of self-satisfaction, nor a grab to appear relevant by using trendy, contemplative, self-descriptions. It is, rather, a thing of precious beauty that God implanted in our genetics from the moment of the network’s conception. 

This paper is our attempt to define what we mean by care; to understand its value and the price we pay to enjoy it. Specifically, we want to answer questions about what Sojourn Network means by saying we are called to “supplement the care of pastors.” May God use it to deepen our joy in what we drink together and inspire us to rise expectantly, fueled with faith for the mission before us.

The Power of Failing Well

Something I’ve learned from both investors and entrepreneurs is that no one makes good decisions all the time. The most impressive people are packed full of horrendous ideas that they often act on. But those who stick out can absorb the damage of their bad ideas. They fail at lot, but they’re really good at it. Are you one of those?

Teaching Our Kids About Justice & Mercy

True justice requires more than surface level fairness. It requires compassion and generosity toward the oppressed and poor. True justice involves doing merciful, leveling work where inequity has occurred. And here's how Lucy taught us about true justice (and mercy).

The Life-Giving Grace of a Broken Mentor

More gold from Zack Eswine: "Mark this down. We not only pass on our content we pass on our character. For better or for worse, whether we want to or not. Leaders must come to understand that ways, not just words, speak."

Paul the Church Planter

In Planting Missional Churches from Ed Stetzer & Daniel Im, there’s a helpful outline of Paul the Church Planter in chapter 3. As you plant a church yourself or help to equip planters, this should be helpful.

3 Reasons Why Churches Are Still Racially Segregated

In this short video clip, Dr. Jarvis Williams gives 3 reasons why churches are still racially segregated, and how we can respond.

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