Resource Roundup #16

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Why Partnerships Matter: Churches Flourishing through Collaboration

Partnership is one of the defining characteristics of the Christian life. Our Lord knew we couldn’t do it alone. He created, called, and commissioned us to partner together for the sake of the gospel and for his glory. So whether you're a church planter, a pastor, a ministry leader, a pastor's wife, or a woman leading in ministry, this event is for you! It’s not good for us to be alone. Our churches flourish through healthy partnerships. Because we're all better together.

Join J.D. Greear, Dave Harvey, Joel Brooks, Gregg Allison, Brad House, and many more in Louisville this October 23-25. Early registration begins today. Space is limited. Don't wait!


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4 Things I Learned Serving in Kids Ministry

A few Sundays back, I found myself in a unique situation. Pastor Shane was slated to preach, a group of other folks from the church were leading the music, and my only in-service responsibility was to do the welcome prior to the sermon. I’m not entirely sure where the idea came from—maybe it was the Father’s Day mojo?—but I decided to volunteer in our children’s ministry for both services. Here are four things that I’ve been thinking about since Sunday.


3 Ways Gethsemane Encourages Us When Our Dreams Die

My wife and I prayed and prepared to plant a church for eight years before moving to Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 2011. A little more than a decade after the inception of our dream, I stood beside a new believer while her testimony was read aloud before her baptism. I gazed out as the story of grace washed over us, and I watched the faces of all the people Jesus used our little church to reach. In that moment, I thought, We’ve done it! We’re accomplishing what we came here to do. Of course, I didn’t conclude our job was done, but I realized a dream that day. And it felt great. However, I felt another, perplexing emotion: sadness. Success didn’t satisfy my soul—not even success for Jesus. Actually, it made me feel lonely.


The Profound Power of Consistency

If there’s one piece of advice that I could offer any aspiring creative, it’s this. Develop a habit of consistently doing something. It doesn’t matter what it is, how small or how big it is. The power of consistency is profound and underrated. It can help you overcome a lack of natural talent, and allow you to focus on the process instead of the prize.

Haddon Robinson

Haddon Robinson (1931-2017)

Haddon Robinson passed away this week. Though not our typical resource, it is good and fitting to honor a man when that honor is due. Haddon served as the the Harold John Ockenga Distinguished Professor of Preaching at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He wrote Biblical Preaching, a classic textbook on preaching. He’s taught thousands of preachers in person and through his writings. Many Sojourn Network preachers owe this man a great deal. Darryl Dash took a minute to write a tribute. Even if you do not know Haddon Robinson, read until the end for some wonderful quotes from Haddon himself, chalked full of wisdom and wit.

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