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How We Worship

Josh Jean, Lead Pastor of Sojourn Beaumont and Sojourn Network member, has written a very helpful piece for guests and those who visit his church. In it he says, "We know that for many people attending Sojourn for the first time, there may be some elements in the service that are new or confusing at first. With this in mind, we have written a brief paper that seeks to answer some of the questions people have about our gatherings. The document is titled, 'How We Worship' and it is available as a free download just below."



3 Ways the Gospel Might Divide a Church

The gospel, by its nature, unifies also tends to divide. We don't usually expect this kind of division in a local church —we are typically otherwise fearful about conflict arising from music styles, programming choices, and personality types—but the gospel can divide a church just as easily as it might a family. But actually there's nothing more prone to stirring up mess than the grace of God that has arrived to create order. Whenever the gospel is faithfully preached, people get poked in the idols. And people don't like that.

How does this happen?

Here are three common ways the gospel might cause division.


Do We Have To Agree Before We Talk?

Their approach to morality and public discourse isn’t identical, but together they have a lot of wisdom for those of us who would like to see more civility in our society. If you have 90 minutes to spare, the entire conversation is well worth your time. Keller and Haidt talk pluralism, unity, immigration, Trump, identity politics, justice, and much more. Just be sure to bring your notebook! Here is the full talk: “The Closing of the Modern Mind.” 


Has God Left the Suburbs?

Over 53% of the US population lives in the burbs, and though it might not seem like it, it is the fastest growing population migration in the West, with low density suburbs growing the fastest by far. I know it looks like lots of people are moving back into the city, with their ironic moustaches and alarmingly tight trousers, but the re-inhabiting of urban spaces is a complex and costly exercise and isn’t keeping track with people just trying to get to the suburbs for some peace and quiet. So what are we supposed to think and do about the suburbs? Ross Lester gives a lot of food for thought in this one. 


A Writer's Task Is Simple: Observe Everything

...these things make writing and storytelling rich.

The same can be said for preaching.

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