Resource Roundup #18

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Featured Resource: 
Global Orphan Sunday

Each year, hundreds of churches dedicate one Sunday to advocate and raise awareness for the plight of the fatherless on National Orphan Sunday. Lifeline Children’s Services wants to help challenge and equip churches, pastors, lay leaders, and families to share the reality, communicate God’s call, and find practical ways to respond.

Lifeline is an adoption and orphan care ministry that partners with many churches in our network. They have created a resource page full of videos, slides, handouts, a prayer card, sample sermons, small group guides, which are free to you when you sign up. We would love to see churches challenged more to think through how they are caring for the orphan and vulnerable in their communities and the world. 

Will you partner with them to speak up for the voiceless and seek to defend orphans and vulnerable children around the world?



Episode 011: Dave Harvey & Jared Wilson

In this episode of the FTC podcast, Jared Wilson speaks with Dave Harvey.

Topics of discussion include:

  • The nuts and bolts of pastoral ministry that are often missed.
  • Why it's so common for pastors to skip over gospel application in their own life.
  • Why is there a disconnect between what pastors apply to others and what they apply to themselves?
  • How by trying to avoid "legalism," we may end up neglecting to teach sound application.
  • What does "rugged love" toward a prodigal friend or family member look like?
  • What can we learn from the pattern of celebrity pastor flame-outs?
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The Best Path to Long-Term Change Is Slow, Simple and Boring

While not directly related to sanctification, this makes a lot of sense in light of the gospel call. If you're looking to make a change in your life, do you know what will work? Small actions repeated consistently over a very long period of time. Incremental change is short-term boring, but long-term exciting.


Be Kind To Yourself (Andrew Peterson)

We don't often share resources like this, but this just seemed right this week. Whether you’re planting a church, launching a startup, or in the process of raising a family, you’re going to make mistakes, and it’s going to take a toll on you. We are usually much harder on ourselves than others. Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy, right? You’re going to experience failure from time to time. It’s inevitable. But how will you let it affect you? During stressful times, we can find ourselves falling into traps, such as negative self-talking — those damaging things we say to ourselves that get in the way of our own success. “There’s no way this will work.” “It’s impossible.” “I totally suck at this.” Stop being so hard on yourself! Listen to this song and apply some gospel salve to the wounds of failure. 


‘Blessed are the flourishing’: how the wise teachings of Jesus in the sermon on the mount lead to true happines

In this interview, Jonathan T. Pennington, assistant professor of New Testament interpretation, talks with Towers editor Andrew J.W. Smith about his new bookThe Sermon on the Mount and Human Flourishing

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