Resource Roundup #19

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Statement on Charlottesville

"This past Sunday I had the honor of preaching at Apostles Uptown in Manhattan. During the service, John Starke took a moment to pastor his people through the recent events in Charlottesville. After hearing John's pastoral reflections, I thought our pastors and friends might appreciate hearing what he said. Thanks John!" — Dave Harvey, Executive Director


Cultivated Season 2 Launches w/ Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor is a musician, a record producer, and a filmmaker. Over the years he's courted controversy with songs like "I Blew Up the Clinic Real Good" and "I Manipulate" — songs that criticize Christian culture from within. He’s also produced great records for The Newsboys, Sixpence None The Richer, Chevelle, and more. He’s the writer director of Second Chance and Blue Like Jazz, and recently returned to making music after a twenty year hiatus.

On our show, we talk about his journey as an artist, about the controversies he weathered, about the kickstarter that funded Blue Like Jazz, and much, much more.

Note: If you like the show, please consider writing a review on iTunes. 

p.s. Listen closely to this episode for a *hidden* mention of Sojourn Network!

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Race Relations, The "Talk," and Ryan's New Normal

God has opened my eyes to experiences I never realized I didn’t have in my life. After a race conversation with Mike and some other guys from Soma a few weeks ago, it got me thinking about a couple months back when my family went to the Lockett’s home for dinner. It was so within the normal of our lives and friendship that it didn’t dawn on me until that later point, that in 38 years, I had never been invited to, or had dinner in, the home of an African-American family.


Learning to Listen: Art, Race and Empathy

Originally written as a piece celebrating Black History Month, Mike Cosper's incisive article brings us to the intersection of art, faith, and life yet again. "It’s tempting to separate art from the world that gave birth to it, to let jazz and blues be nostalgic “Americana” and to ignore its power as prophet and protest. It’s tempting to sanitize our musical history and ignore the way many great musicians were discriminated against, or to ignore the deep bitterness that formed as a result." 


Evaluating Our Hearts for Signs of Bigotry

Jesus said that what comes out of our hearts defiles us (Mark 7:21-23), and bigotry is a harmful example of this defilement. The challenge and problem is that we tend to view bigotry from a behavioral perspective, but it goes beyond vulgar language or violence. A behavioral approach could promote proper behavior but fails to realize that our behavior is a reflection of our hearts.

As Christians, we need a biblical view of problems and responses. While external sins are more obvious in nature, God looks at our hearts. The following suggestions, while not a comprehensive answer, are meant to help you evaluate your heart for signs of bigotry.

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