Resource Roundup #25

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Healthy Plurality = Durable Church by Dave Harvey

Have you ever wondered what separates a healthy church from an unhealthy church when they have the same doctrine (and even methods) on paper? The long-term health and durability of a church simply cannot exceed the health of her elders who lead, teach, shepherd, and pray the church forward. Therefore, building and maintaining a healthy plurality of elders is the key to durability. Yet a healthy plurality is a delicate thing, working through hardship and the difficulties of relationship, while pursuing the noble task of eldership. If you wish to grow deeper in your theology of eldership to lead with a healthy, biblical vision of plurality, then this is your “How-To” guide.

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Sojourn Network Launches New Ebook Series

Sojourn Network exists to plant, grow, and multiply healthy churches and pastors. Therefore, we are proud to release the first of what will be (Lord willing) a series of ebooks focusing on the “How-To” aspects of various ministries in and through the local church.


Before the Lord, Before the Church

Is child dedication just a sentimental moment to celebrate family with oohs and awes over the babies? Or is it a solemn moment before God and a covenanting one before the local church? Kennedy explains a philosophy of child dedication with poignant “How-To” plan for living out a powerful witness to Christ for one another and before the watching world. Whether you are rescuing various forms of child dedication from sentimentalism or perhaps sacrament, this book will guide you to faithful and fruitful ministry honoring God for the gift of children while blessing your church.

Jared Kennedy is the pastor of families at Sojourn Community Church — Midtown in Louisville, KY where he lives with his wife Megan and three daughters. He holds a Th.M and M.Div from SBTS and has over a decade of experience leading family ministry. He is the author of The Beginner's Gospel Story Bible (New Growth Press, 2017) and co-writer of Leadership Mosaic (Crossway, 2016), winner of the 2017 ECPA Christian Book Award for Church Ministry. He weets @JaredSKennedy and blogs at

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Filling Blank Spaces

Filling Blank Spaces addresses a topic that usually gets blank stares in the church world. But Winters is a seasoned veteran of arts ministry and has developed a premier arts and culture movement in the United States, without elaborate budgets or celebrity cameos. Instead, this guide gives a “How-To” approach to understanding visual art as for and from the local church, steering clear of both low-brow kitsch and obscure couture. If you are ready to start engaging a wider and often under-reached swath of your city while awakening creative force within your local church, then this book is for you.

Michael Winters is the Director of Arts and Culture at Sojourn Community Church – Midtown in Louisville, KY where he lives with his wife Shanaka and son. Sojourn Arts and Culture cultivates and celebrates good artistic work through exhibits, events, blogs, and community projects with creative work that honors God, serves people, and restores creation. He owns the Material Print Shop, is a graduate of the University of Louisville (BA in Fine Arts), and his photography has been on display at Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft, Louisville Visual Art Association, Union University, Georgetown University, among other galleries. You can follow him on Instagram at @sojournarts and

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Life-Giving Groups

Groups can be the best of times and the worst of times. While this isn't Shakespeare’s lost sonnet on community groups (cell groups, D-groups, small groups, missional communities, gospel communities, etc.), this is a “How-To” guide making the connections between what we believe and how we live out life together. Most group life books focus on what you should do because: “Well, it worked for my successful church.” Linneman chooses to focus instead on what Christ has done and the implications that has for the church and our shared life together in the smaller, more intimate settings outside of Sunday gatherings. Do you want to enjoy groups again? Do you want to see them multiply? Then this is the ebook for you.

Jeremy Linneman is planting Trinity Community Church in Columbia, Missouri, where he lives with his wife Jessie and three boys. From 2010-16, he was a community and executive pastor Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, Kentucky. He is a certified leadership coach, essayist, and writer of the small group guide for God is Greater by Kyle Idleman. He tweets at @jslinneman and blogs at