Resource Roundup #26

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Four Critical Values for Pastoral Accountability 

Let’s face it. If a pastor’s accountability isn’t in the local church, it’s probably not real accountability. It’s the illusion of accountability so we can traffic in the vocabulary without the entanglements of the substance.

Here’s the problem: Not everyone is clear on what they mean when they use the word “accountability.” Let me suggest four specific values we should seek to experience in accountability of plurality.

  • Intentionality
  • Self Disclosure
  • Approachability
  • Appeal

Below we’ll look a bit at each of these values. But before we do, there is one overarching principle we must never overlook. If you want to know the secret underlying the kind of loving accountable relationships where elders grow more in love with Jesus, their wife and their ministry, it’s...

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The Small Perks You Can Get on Seven Major Airlines

This is for those of you flying to Louisville for Why Partnerships Matter: Churches Flourishing through Collaboration. Flying these days leaves much to be desired. Some airlines are trying to make up for the unpleasant, bare-bones experience with small perks. These amenities certainly aren’t as desirable as, say, more legroom, but you might as well take advantage of them on your next flight.


Resources from the series: 2017 For The Church National Conference

You can watch all the sermons at the link above. This sermon was a great example of how to match a sermon's delivery with the meaning and tone of the text. H.B. Charles, Jr. has been the pastor of Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida since 2008. Over the course of H.B.'s pastorate, his love for God's Word, the church, and lost people has resulted in joyfully balancing his pastoral responsibilities with speaking engagements in revivals, conferences, and other church events. He is married to his best friend, Crystal, and they are the proud parents of three children, H.B. Charles III, Natalie Marie and Hailey Breanne. He was a contributor of the Power in the Pulpit, and continues to seek further education to help fulfill his prayerful desire to write and teach alongside his calling to pastoral ministry.

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Preacher’s Toolkit: How Can I Help My Congregation Listen to Sermons in a Culture of Distraction?

Local churches are dealing with a generation driven to distraction at a whole new level. Smartphones are an omnipresent source of distraction, and they can prevent people from wholeheartedly engaging in weekly corporate worship. Texts and email alerts pull them out of the moment, and if they get bored there’s always an alternative activity close at hand.