Resource Roundup #27

Today's Resource Roundup is provided by Portable Church Industries, a generous sponsor of this year's Leaders' Summit, Why Partnerships Matter: Churches Flourishing through Collaboration. Portable Church provides volunteer-centric portable solutions to help churches launch strong and thrive in rented spaces. They’ll help you design efficient, creative environments in all areas including worship, technology, children’s ministry, and transportation. Learn more about their work.

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Featured Resource: 8 Launch Wins (Infographic)

Portable Church Industries recently introduced, in partnership with Leadership Network, a report that will help pastors and church leaders make a decision based on the question, "Should we start a new church/campus?"

The resulting infographic is the best representation of the 5 major findings discovered by Dr. Warren Bird, writer of the report, that our survey of over 1,500 participants said about the experiences of starting a new church or multisite campus.

Once you have viewed the infographic, we encourage you to download your copy of the free report, 8 Launch Wins: A Study of 1,500-Plus New Churches and Multisite Campuses.

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What Every Multisite Church Should Know

The multisite church movement is sharply growing, and for newcomers to this area of church planting, it’s encouraging to learn from the pioneers of launching campuses. Our free eBook comprises essays and stories from multisite experts and pastors that will give your church new best practices as you go multisite. Learn from their mistakes and difficulties and begin your successful multisite plan with the wisdom from these great leaders!

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Campus Pastor as Key to Multisite Success

You’re hiring a multisite campus pastor for the first time, and it is a daunting task. You’re asking yourself, who should I be looking for? What will they even be doing?

This free report from Leadership Network and Portable Church Industries includes 6 factors for deciding how to design the role for your Campus Pastor, plus 6 job descriptions to give you a framework for writing your own – and to find the right Campus Pastor for your congregation!

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Effective Principles of Portability

Portable Church Industries has helped more than 2,000 churches launch and thrive in portable environments. Whether you’re launching your first or your fifteenth church plant, this white paper includes 6 critical philosophies that you can use for the benefit of your whole team.

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7 Cool Places to Launch your Campus

Finding a facility for your portable church is oftentimes a big challenge. We’d like to show you this colorful, lively infographic with 7 unique, cool places church planters have discovered and used successfully. We encourage you to think outside the box, and believe you will find your portable location, even if it seems wild!