Resource Roundup #28

Today's Resource Roundup is provided by Compassion International, a generous sponsor of this year's Leaders' Summit, Why Partnerships Matter: Churches Flourishing through Collaboration. Compassion International is the world’s leading authority in holistic child development through sponsorship. Learn more about their work.

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Featured Resource: Small Matters, by Greg Nettle and Santiago “Jimmy” Mellado

We’ve all seen the pictures of children trapped in vicious cycles of poverty, cycles that kill dreams and rob hope. And while these dangers are clear to us, there are dangers of a different sort that millions of other children face. These children struggled with a sense of entitlement, a lack of direction or purpose, and are drowning in a sea of materialism in homes filled with toys, electronics, and stuff.

One child has too little, another has too much, yet both are in danger of missing God’s love and his best for them.

How can we best care for the children in our churches? We believe there are four fundamental shifts that must take place among church leaders and the way they approach ministry to children.

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An Intergenerational Perspective on Missions

Fuller Youth Institute and Compassion International collaborate to create Give Back Day, a free, 90-minute intergenerational experience that connects families to the developing world in the context of missions.

Based on research on what influences lasting faith in youth, this cross-cultural lesson helps churches and families raise up world-changing children. The Give Back Day Leader’s Guide provides a script to help leaders usher participants on an educational and spiritual journey to Uganda. Free event resources are available when you register your event.

Compassion provides a free toolkit to each family participating in Give Back Day. The toolkit includes four sessions of activities, Scripture references and discussion questions to spark spiritual conversations in the days following the event at church. This resource gives parents confidence to disciple their children at home.

Give Back Day is ideal for a family missions event or an age-integrated worship service.

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A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Discipleship

The Compassion Experience is a free, innovative ministry tool for your church. This family-friendly, 20-minute journey to the developing world is multi-sensory and enlarges your church’s global perspective. Visitors step through the life of a child growing up in poverty and witness the child’s transition from despair to hope. This immersive experience is a powerful ministry tool that helps churches grow followers of Christ.

Give your church an experience that will raise awareness of global needs and connect congregants to the developing world in the context of missions. Then present an opportunity to demonstrate Christ’s compassion by sponsoring children, a tangible way to put their faith into action.

Compassion’s child sponsorship can be a strategic component to your church’s discipleship program. It is a unique opportunity for parents to lead their children spiritually toward faith that lasts. Sacrificial giving, compassionate action and investment into another child’s life are influencing factors that raise up world-changing children.

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Compassion Sunday

As a pastor, you are called to lead your church to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. Sometimes that can be difficult to do without international connections. How can the Great Commission be relevant to every individual and family in your church?

Compassion’s child sponsorship can be a key component to engaging your church in the Great Commission. Members of your church can each sponsor a child and have a platform to share God’s love through letters, prayers and even personal visits to the child. And because indigenous churches implement Compassion’s child development program, each sponsored child has the opportunity to hear the gospel and respond in faith.

You can bring Compassion to your church any Sunday, or you can participate on National Compassion Sunday, April 29, 2018.

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