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Featured Resource: Free Sermon Transcription

You invest a lot of time in building a weekly message for your church, and likely want to get it in front of as many people as possible. An easy way to increase your reach and to help your content live on is to get audio from your sermons transcribed and caption your video content.

Transcripts and captions help churches:

  • Reach a larger audience, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Turn sermons into a Bible study outline or small group discussion
  • Make their message searchable online
  • Archive sermons for future members and generations to enjoy

Thousands of churches use transcription and closed captions to help spread their message. It makes their content more accessible and impactful as they seek to expand the scope of their ministry.

Rev offers:

  • $1/minute transcription & caption services
  • 12-hr turnaround time (transcription)
  • 24-hr turnaround time (closed captions)
  • US-based transcriptionists and captioners
  • 99% accuracy guaranteed

If you’d like to give transcription or captions a try, claim a coupon to get your first 30 minutes free.

All the best,

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Porn is the Missing Piece in the Louis C.K. Story

Pornography rewires its viewers’ brains, distorting the way they interpret the behavior of those around them and making them believe that unacceptable behavior will be welcomed.


Reading Books Will Help You Build These 7 Habits

We only live one life, but through reading books, we can gain the wisdom from thousands. When an author writes, re-writes, and edits, they are turning their words into a more perfect version of themselves. When you read, you get to spend time in a meditative state with a wise person’s more perfect self. Books are the most undervalued and under-appreciated technology in the world.

why lead pastor

Why Lead Pastor?

Sojourn Network exists to see healthy pastors planting, growing, and multiplying healthy churches that last. Embedded in that mission is a core value that pastors matter, and that God has given to the church elders to lead, care for, and feed their sheep with 1the truth of God’s Word. However, to truly be effective, elders need guidance. Furthermore, to create ministries that last, elders need care. For these reasons, and others we will explore below, Sojourn Network advocates for a polity that includes Lead Pastors.

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Do You Know the 7 Differences between Galilee and Judea in the Time of Jesus?

Even an impeccably Jewish Galilean in first-century Jerusalem was not among his own people; he was as much a foreigner as an Irishman in London or a Texan in New York. His accent would immediately mark him out as “not one of us,” and all the communal prejudice of the supposedly superior culture of the capital city would stand against his claim to be heard even as a prophet, let alone as the “Messiah,” a title which, as everyone knew, belonged to Judea (cf. John 7:40-42).

To read Matthew in blissful ignorance of first-century Palestinian sociopolitics is to miss his point. This is the story of Jesus of Nazareth.