Resource Roundup #37


Featured Resource:
The Sojourn Network Calendar of Events

For as long as we have had a website, we've never had an online calendar where our folks could view all the events and cohorts we host. Now you can! We realize that a calendar isn't an exciting "featured resource," but we're sharing it with you because the events and cohorts contained within it are worthy of your attention and consideration. Go on, have a look at what 2018 has in store for our network.

Take special note of all the cohort options available to you in 2018. These coaching cohorts are designed to provide group-based coaching to pastors and ministry leaders for leadership development, personal renewal, and ministry training. Each cohort is led by a qualified, network-approved ministry leader and are highly relational, ministry specific, and practical. While they are open to non-network pastors and leaders, these cohorts are designed to serve Sojourn Network pastors and ministry leaders primarily. Specific cohorts will vary from year to year, and they all aim to help Sojourn Network accomplish its mission of seeing healthy pastors planting, growing and multiplying gospel-centered churches. 

In general, our cohorts run on an academic schedule, with offerings in the Spring & Fall semesters. 

Christmastide — A Liturgical Meditation from Fuller Studios

“Fear and Glory” evokes the vulnerable hope of Christmastide and the virgin birth in the midst of a harsh but beautiful rainstorm (filmed in Tegucigalpa, Honduras)

The liturgical calendar spans the life of Christ in a single year—from anticipation (Advent), to hope (Christmas), to transcendence (Epiphany), to lament (Lent), to redemption (Easter), to the birth of the church (Pentecost), and through long, numbered days (Ordinary Time) back to Advent. The liturgical meditation series to which this video belongs relies on nature to tell the story of God, accompanied by scriptures traditional to each season.


Last Chance to Buy an Ebook & Give to Planters in 2017

Every penny of our ebook purchases until the end of 2017 is going directly to church planters supported by Sojourn Network. This week's promotion comes from Jared Kennedy's ebook on child dedication and how to plan one of these special services. Don't miss it!

Is child dedication just a sentimental moment to celebrate family with oohs and awes over the babies? Or is it a solemn moment before God and a covenanting one before the local church? Kennedy explains a philosophy of child dedication with poignant “How-To” plan for living out a powerful witness to Christ for one another and before the watching world. Whether you are rescuing various forms of child dedication from sentimentalism or perhaps sacrament, this book will guide you to faithful and fruitful ministry honoring God for the gift of children while blessing your church.

home alone.jpg

Diagnosing the Home Alone burglars' injuries: A professional weighs in

This one is for fun. Don't try this at home (alone).

Since its debut in 1990, Home Alone has become as much a part of the Christmas cinematic ritual as It's a Wonderful Life. But unlike that uplifting tale about the good of mankind, Home Alone tells a rather unsettling Christmas story of a precocious 8-year-old who, accidentally abandoned by his family, is forced to defend his home from two dimwitted burglars. Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) turns his family's home into a veritable funhouse of torturous booby traps that so-called Wet Bandits Marv (Daniel Stern) and Harry (Joe Pesci) hilariously stumble through, and the transformation of a suburban Chicago home into a relentless injury machine is nothing short of spectacular. But it does require quite a suspension of disbelief. Can a man really be hit square in the face with a steam iron and walk away unfazed? What kind of permanent physical damage would a blow torch to the head really do? To answer these questions and officially dissolve Home Alone's Hollywood magic, I spoke with my friend Dr. Ryan St. Clair of the Weill Cornell Medical College. Enjoy.

Good Listener

Six Habits Of Good Listeners

When we think of great leaders, we often think about individuals who give speeches that motivate action, but in addition to being great speakers, great leaders are also great listeners. Taylor Berens Crouch, doctoral candidate in clinical psychology at the University of Maryland, says being a good listener is crucial to being a great leader.

“If we’re trying to lead people in a direction that they want, it’s absolutely necessary that we understand people’s desires and perspectives and thoughts, and listening is necessary to get that information,” says Crouch.

Follow these six habits of great listeners...


Was the Star of Bethlehem a Comet?

The Star of Bethlehem (Matt. 2:1–12) has long captured the imagination of many even while it has stirred debate. Was it a conjunction of planets? An exploding star (supernova)? An angel? Or could it have been just an ordinary star? Ivan Mesa corresponded with Colin Nicholl (PhD, University of Cambridge) about his work, The Great Christ Comet: Revealing the True Star of Bethlehem [review]. As the title suggests, Nicholl argues that the Star was actually a comet that led the Magi to baby Jesus. In this interview we learn how the Bible and science are not in tension, why knowing what the Star of Bethlehem practically matters, whether we should put comets atop our Christmas trees, and more.