Resource Roundup #38

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Featured Resource: Best Books for Pastors in 2017

9Marks asked 60 pastors around the world a simple question: what books did you read in 2017 that helped you be a better pastor? Here’s how they responded.

If you're looking for a good read to start the new year, this would be a safe place to start. There aren't any surprises on this list, but there are plenty of great choices for new (and old!) reading material.


5 Ways Reviewing Your Plans Can Enhance Your Success

How many times have you sat down and made a plan, only to never return to it? If you’ve done this, you’ve missed some of the best benefits of the planning process. Just as it’s easy to start moving with no clear destination, it’s easy to get caught up in projects and lose sight of where you were trying to go in the first place. Both scenarios have the same outcome: a heaping plate of wasted time and effort, with two side dishes of frustration and demotivation. The fact that reviewing your plans keeps you on track is the most obvious reason why it’s good to review your plans. Here are a few others...

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Music for Little Ones

It is often what a person sings about God that he or she really believes and takes to heart. Dr. Hugh T. McElrath once said, “Singing is the most practical theology taught.”  If we care about what our children think about God, the music we select for them to sing truly matters.

So, what criteria should be used when writing or selecting music for children?


How a Week On a Farm Changed My Life

"Yes. Hay, pigs, that weird smell you can’t quite figure out. It was all there waiting for me when I got out of my sedan. It was exactly what I expected."

And it changed his life. If you're busy living that fast-paced, 60 hour/week entrepreneur lifestyle, growing your business or ministry, living on your phone, this is for you.

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A Reflection on Corporate Lament

...may our churches be places where those who grieve experience the greatest comfort of our suffering Savior. May the people of God be marked by peace and healing in a time so rife with chaos and division. In a culture where the Church can feel so shallow for some, may our demonstration of corporate lament in the Church be a cleansing and purifying sign of God’s Spirit of reconciliation at work within us.

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What Happens to Your Brain When You Binge-Watch a TV Series

It happens to the best of us. Thanks to streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, we're granted access to several hundred show options that we can watch all in one sitting — for a monthly fee that shakes out to less than a week's worth of lattes. What a time to be alive, right? And we're taking full advantage of that access. According to a survey done by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spends around 2.7 hours watching TV per day, which adds up to almost 20 hours per week in total.