Resource Roundup #42


Featured Resource: The Kingdom of God - Dr. Pennington

Many traditional approaches to evangelism focus on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. While this is vital to the Christian faith, the kingdom of God is the greater story of how He accomplishes His redemption of the world. Teaching from the Gospels, Dr. Jonathan Pennington talks about the importance of understanding the gospel in light of the kingdom.

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10 Bible Reading Habits I’ve Learned from My Pastor

A good sermon exhorts us to grapple with God’s Word preached, hold fast to its truth, and do what it commands. A preacher who places himself under Holy Scripture will present his teaching in a way the congregation can follow, to understand the text they hold on their laps.

I have found my senior pastor to be exceptionally faithful in this regard. In recently reflecting on 15 years of sitting under his teaching, I’ve seen how his Word-based preaching has significantly impacted my personal Bible reading.

Here are 10 habits I have picked up from my pastor’s weekly sermons...


Longing for likes: How to capture the hearts of Gen Z with a greater love

The message appears on the big screen: “Please silence your electronic devices.” And amazingly the people obey. Moments before, they were texting, tweeting, and posting pictures on Instagram. But now they’re putting their phones in airplane mode. Ironically, the middle school girl, an iconic representative of the most tech-savvy, hyper-connected generation in history, is elbowing her dad: “Put it away. The show’s about to start.” When they go to the theater, even Generation Z, the iGeneration, stops to sit still. They’re transfixed by a story.

Church planting residencies, at their best, serve as immersive learning incubators where church planters can experience the kind of transformational community of love they hope to multiply in another context. While modern innovative residency programs all look different based on their particular vision, needs, limitations, and resources, the essence and pattern of a learning community for church planters stretches back to the ancient practices of the Apostle Paul in the book of Acts. Paul’s methods reveal some basic building blocks that can be applied to an effective church planting residency. 


Who Are You Inviting to Your Super Bowl Party?

On February 4th, Tom Brady will go for his sixth (Yes, SIXTH!) Super Bowl ring. This Sunday is one of the most culturally significant days of the year in the U.S. Sports fans and non-sports fans alike will gather in living rooms across the country to watch the big game (or the commercials!) between the Eagles and the Patriots. I will definitely be munching on Doritos and tuning in. Chances are, though, that there is one group of people that will not be watching the game, at least not in a living room...

And frankly, it's ridiculous.


Whole church care for the elderly and housebound

With an ageing population, many churches are struggling to care for all their elderly members. Evangelical Magazine asked Heath Evangelical Church in Cardiff to share some of the ways they seek to do so and hope that it will help other churches that may also be struggling.

This is a really good, really practical piece. Every church pastor would be served well by reading it.