Resource Roundup #43

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Featured Resource: Here We Are Now. Entertain Us.

If the gospel isn't interesting to us as worshippers, we'll chase after the next double rainbow because our hearts are prone to wander.

If the gospel isn't eternally interesting to us preachers, then we'll cater to the wandering hearts of our churches because our hearts are also prone to wander.

In chasing our next double rainbow to preach, we'll give the church baptized self help or clever theological lectures, hoping they shake our hands to tell us how deep we are or how life-changing our divine self-help was.

The gospel is about a Person, not a set of principles.



The Secret to Giving Advice that Matters

My best teachers all had one thing in common: they asked great questions. Questions that made me think beyond the immediate answer and look for a deeper understanding. Questions that sparked curiosity and encouraged me to look at a problem from multiple angles. Those were the best teachers. The rest stood at the front and lectured for forty-five minutes, preaching information on how to pass the test. A strategy that, not surprisingly, doesn’t encourage learning.

Who else remembers cramming the night before an exam? is there any better evidence that the lecture model isn’t an effective teaching method? If it actually taught the information, why would we have needed to hold those emergency cram sessions? We know this. We recognize the ineffectiveness of it. But we’re still allowing it to affect our own behaviors. And with that, we’re limiting our ability to influence and develop others.

We’re acting like the teachers who lecture. When we need to act like those teachers who question.


5 Common Elements of All Healthy Teams

What makes up a healthy team? Obviously, this is our goal if we lead or even serve on a team. Who would want to serve on an unhealthy team? Talk about wasting time.

And, we’ve all been there. It may be a permanent team or a temporary team, but we’ve all served on teams, which simply weren’t productive. The team didn’t gel as a group. There wasn’t a chemistry and nothing really gets accomplished. If it does it’s not necessarily through a team effort. Some pull their weight and others don’t. Some weigh in on decisions. Some never do: either by choice or by organizational design.


But, what are common elements in all the healthy teams?

A How-To Guide for Extraordinary Results in Mercy Ministry
By Nathan Ivey

Like a doctor with healing medicine, God steps into need, brokenness, and injustice with a promise to restore all things and make all things new. The gospel rights wrongs, restores peace, and reverses the effects of sin, allowing humanity to once again flourish under God’s rule. Like the Great Physician, we are invited to apply the healing medicine of God’s Spirit as we love our neighbor, do justice, and serve others by providing for their most basic and simple needs.

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The Only Aeropress Recipe You'll Ever Need

There’s few questions a barista dreads more than “Could you grind this for Aeropress? While you can always count on an espresso to use a fine grind and a fast brew time, and a French press the opposite, Aeropress recipes are all over the map, and most are terrible. 

(If you don't Aeropress, you should start. If you do Aeropress, you should start with this recipe.)


Church Twice on a Sunday? Really!

I guess we might be somewhat unusual as a church. We put a fair degree of emphasis on the goodness of meeting twice on a Sunday. We actually run three services a day – two in the morning, 9:15, 11:15 (same service), and then an evening service at 6pm. And we encourage our folk, where possible, to come to a morning service and the evening service. I know lots of churches have dropped the evening service, and I’m also aware that lots of new church plants are going for just one — often a 4pm service. And I’m really really not criticising that at all. But here’s ten reasons why I’ve come to think that having a couple of services a day might be a good thing.