Resource Roundup #44

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Featured Resource: Dwell Scripture Listening App

Up until the 19th century, hearing was the primary way Christians took in Scripture. Since then, reading has dominated Christians’ experience with the Bible, and for good reason. But have we not lost something over time as we stopped listening? Dwell was born from the conviction that the ancient practice of listening to Scripture is well worth reclaiming today.

We experience the Scripture in a different way when we hear it versus when we read it. Our default tendency, when we read the Bible is to study it, we want to break it down, make connections, understand the context. We want to get something out of it.

When we listen to the Bible, we have to leave all that behind. There’s no underlining, no cross-referencing, and no flipping back and forth. When we listen, we're not trying to get something out of it, we're trying to get into it.


Liturgical Meditations — Lent

The liturgical calendar spans the life of Christ in a single year—from anticipation (Advent), to hope (Christmas), to transcendence (Epiphany), to lament (Lent), to redemption (Easter), to the birth of the church (Pentecost), and through long, numbered days (Ordinary Time) back to Advent. These video meditations rely on nature to tell the story of God, accompanied by scriptures traditional to each season. Note: All footage for these videos is original to FULLER studio; all narration is from faculty and staff, recorded in their native languages; and all titles are in the primary tongues of our community: English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Korean.


Pastors Need Friends Too

What makes a pastor persevere in ministry?

The Lilly Endowment invested $84 million over 10 years to study and support the practices that allow Christian pastors in America to sustain excellence over the years. They funded 63 projects across 25 different denominations and traditions. Each organization made a similar discovery: relationships with peers are the key factor to pastoral longevity.

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'How-To' Plan a Child Dedication Service
By Jared Kennedy

Is child dedication just a sentimental moment to celebrate family with oohs and awes over the babies? Or is it a solemn moment before God and a covenanting one before the local church? Kennedy explains a philosophy of child dedication with poignant “How-To” plan for living out a powerful witness to Christ for one another and before the watching world. Whether you are rescuing various forms of child dedication from sentimentalism or perhaps sacrament, this book will guide you to faithful and fruitful ministry honoring God for the gift of children while blessing your church.


Nancy Pearcey and Jonathan Merritt spar on the hottest of hot topics

In her newest book, “Love Thy Body: Answering Hard Questions About Life and Sexuality,” Nancy Pearcey pulls no punches. She confronts all the tricky topics du jour: abortion, LGBT issues, assisted suicide, secularism, and the so-called hook-up culture. So Jonathan Merrit decided to spar with her over some of these topics; his questions were direct and pointed. Though Pearcey is traditional in her theology and they clearly disagree about much, her defense of conservative positions is eloquent and impressive. Here is their lively exchange.


Get Free Kids' Coloring Pages Using Google Images

Psssst. Want to make your kid think you’re a sorcerer? I’ve got a trick.

First, you will need a magical machine called a printer. Then when the child is near your computer, ask, “Hey, what would you like to color right now? It can be anything. Your favorite character? Spain during the Cold War? A hot dog?” Your kid might respond with skepticism, but tell him to trust you. Then do a Google image search of his selection, and under Tools, click “Type,” and select “Line drawing.” Choose a high-resolution image, print it out, and hand it to your child with some crayons.

Free coloring pages any time. Your kid’s mind: Blown.