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Jailed to Avoid Solitary

Why have so many otherwise law-abiding elderly women resorted to petty theft?" According to Bloomberg, "lonely seniors are shoplifting in search of the community and stability of jail." Japan's prisons are a haven for elderly women. 

We were made for community.

That's not an airplane. THIS is an airplane!

John Collins, better known as "The Paper Airplane Guy," has devoted himself to designing, folding, and flying the world's finest paper airplanes. Learn how to fold five of John's world record airplanes here.


Preacher’s Toolkit: How Should I Preach Ecclesiastes?

Ecclesiastes situates us long after the start and long before the end of the story. Taken by itself, it can seem an odd book. So how are we to preach it? 

Hopefully, these six hints can get you started.

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Isn't this just a "dry" infant baptism?

Is child dedication just a sentimental moment to celebrate family with oohs and awes over the babies? Or is it a solemn moment before God and a covenanting one before the local church? Kennedy explains a philosophy of child dedication with poignant “How-To” plan for living out a powerful witness to Christ for one another and before the watching world. Whether you are rescuing various forms of child dedication from sentimentalism or perhaps sacrament, this book will guide you to faithful and fruitful ministry honoring God for the gift of children while blessing your church.

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This nine-year-old has mastered the New Yorker caption contest

A nine-year-old girl in the US has proven her comedic brilliance, successfully making hundreds of people laugh with her hilarious New Yorker captions.

With all the hate that social media is receiving these days (much of which is justifiable), this Twitter moment is sure to brighten your day. 

Creeds, Confessions, Catechisms, and Covenants in Corporate Worship

Aside from the public teaching and preaching from pastors, as well as the hymns sung by the congregation, I would like to recommend a further means why which the preaching of sound doctrine can be faithfully taught in the corporate gathering of the saints each Lord’s Day. The 4 “Cs” are a way in which the congregation celebrates biblical truths, theology, and ecclesiastical bonds with the past. These four “Cs” are: creeds, confessions, catechisms, and covenants. Each of these is rooted in the Scripture: 1. an expression of doctrinal beliefs, 2. a reminder of the importance of church membership, and 3. a guide believers in the instruction of the faith.