Resource Roundup #55



Parenting and work: Helping our children gain a sense of belonging 

By Russell Moore

If you asked me for a symbol that best sums up discipleship in our house, I would hand you a Bible. But, if you asked me for another, I would probably point you to a garbage pail. The Bible speaks for itself, but the garbage pail might need more explanation.


Addressing Race

By Dan Hyun

One of our objectives as pastors is to strive for unity as we form church communities grounded in the gospel message of reconciliation. We are also keenly aware of particular subject matters that could lead to division amongst God’s people and we seek to discern how to best lead our people in what often feels like an increasingly contentious climate.


Similarities and differences between urban, suburban and rural communities in America

By Pew Research Center

Large demographic shifts are reshaping America. The country is growing in numbers, it’s becoming more racially and ethnically diverse and the population is aging. But according to a new analysis by Pew Research Center, these trends are playing out differently across community types.


How history’s most creative people organized their days

Ludwig Van Beethoven was an early bird. Pablo Picasso? Not so much. And Franz Kafka, well, he basically subsisted on two long naps each day.

The lives of some of the most creative people history has seen vary not only in length or era, but also routine.

Cloud-based service company Podio, turned bits and pieces of Mason Currey's 2013 book Daily Rituals: How Artists Work into an easily digestible infographic (left). The colorful chart depicts how differently famous creative types have lived, hour by hour, throughout history. Sleep is hardly the only differentiator.

Praying for a SN Church Planter

My name is Dan Alvers and I was born in Florida and I love it. The Lord saved me at a young age in a rural part of our state, but I have a heart for all its parts. Understanding its complexity is something only a native might love. Currently, the Lord has placed our family in the most beautiful place to visit, Santa Rosa Beach. My wife, Kim, and our two children, Gunner (6) and Eliza (3) enjoy engaging with young families. This is an ideal place to gather for rest and recreation. We'd love having you! After grinding out time here, we at King’s Cross Church have seen our church birthed and are incredibly excited and grateful.

Please pray with us for the following: 

•  Pray that God would continue to save sinners and disciples will grow.
•  Pray that we continue to raise up leaders and pastors.
•  Pray that we can find a new worship space.

Paperback available on Amazon Prime!

We are excited to see this new edition launched on Amazon Prime. Click here to get your copy for $9.99. As one reviewer writes, "This is a must-read for all church leadership teams. In an age where we seem to be moving into a solitary leader model in so many areas, Harvey not only calls the church to have healthy plurality in their leadership, he lays out the convincing case from Scripture of this not being just the 'best' model, but the biblical one, and it is spot on!" 

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This is Sojourn Network

Perhaps you heard. Maybe you didn't. We have a new podcast out. "This is Sojourn Network" is a production of the Narrativo Group. All the fun details are below, but the first episode features Jena & John Starke...the second features Matt Herron. You really should pour a cuppa, download, listen, subscribe, and then share it with everyone you know.