Sojourn Spotlight: Christ Church Carbondale

We are excited to welcome in our newest addition to our Sojourn Network family: Christ Church Carbondale, a church plant in Carbondale, Illinois led by Jared Sparks. We hope you will join with us in celebrating the work God is doing in them and praying for them in the these early stages of their church.


Christ Church's Story

Christ Church began meeting January of 2016. Our hope and prayer was to plant a church that would exist to proclaim the gospel together for the glory of God. We seek to do this through gospel-centered worship, as a loving community of disciples formed by the gospel, and as missionaries propelled by the gospel to make disciples of all nations.

Christ Church's Key Wins in 2016

  1. We have had the privilege of baptizing three people.
  2. We have identified a new pastoral candidate.
  3. God healed the mother of one of our pastors. She had cancer and God miraculously healed her.
  4. We are seeing second generation discipleship take place.

How to Pray for Christ Church

  1. Pray for conversion growth.
  2. Pray for a growth in influence in the city of Carbondale.
  3. Financial provision for the needs of the church.
  4. That God would reveal to us our next church planter.