Sojourn Spotlight: Connection Point Church

We're excited to introduce you to our newest church to join the SN family: Connection Point Church in Spokane, WA led by pastor Barry Smith! Please read their story, celebrate their wins, and pray for them in 2017!

Connection Point's Story

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Connection Point Church began as a monthly gathering in January 2017, has progressed into a weekly gathering of 75 people, and is preparing for a grand opening in the winter of 2017-18. We are a community that worships God, loves people, and is learning to live like Jesus. Our mission is to connect people to Jesus through the life-transforming power of the gospel. Towards that end we are passionate about living lives that are motivated by the gospel, grounded in the Word, and empowered by the Spirit.

Key Wins

  1. 75 people committed to our launch team.
  2. Brentwood Elementary School agreed to host us for the next 2 years.
  3. God brought people together to help the church get started: one church gave $15,000, another donated the use of their building for 9 months, 4 local pastors formed an advisory board, and people from 3 different churches came together to comprise the launch team.

How You Can Pray

  1. Pray for unity! Believers from varied church backgrounds and cultures have come together to form a new church with a new culture.
  2. Pray for our finances, equipment, and long-term facility.
  3. Pray that our outreach would gain traction.