Sojourn Spotlight: Gospel Community Church

We never tire of sharing with you new churches that God is bringing into our network! This week we have the privilege of introducing Gospel Community Church in Troy, Ohio led by Jason Bradshaw! We hope you will join with us in celebrating the work God is doing in them and praying for them in the these early stages of their church.


Gospel Community’s Story

Gospel Community is a church plant in Troy, Ohio. We hope to launch services in January 2017 and see Jesus clearly proclaimed. It's our hope to see Jesus honored in conversion (as we sow the seed of the gospel), discipleship (as we nurture gospel fruit), and mission (as we harvest gospel workers).

Gospel Community’s Key Wins in 2015

1. Our Core Team has grown to 26 adults.

2. We've successfully launched our first 3 Community Groups.

3. We've started our Core Team Training to establish our DNA and train our people in our mission, identity, and ministry philosophy.

4. We've identified 2 elders and are pursuing a 3rd candidate for eldership.

How to Pray for Gospel Community

1. Pray for our public launch on January 1, 2017— we will be launching in January and hope to see some new people come and check us out

2. Pray for missional engagement within our Community Groups— we're hoping to see some unbelieving neighbors, friends, and co-workers come and check out our Community Groups. Honestly, this is the area where we can grow the most.

3. Pray for our elders—We're all filling new roles and have various pressures to face at work/home.

4. Pray for our Core Team— Pray that God would give us the strength and resolve to figure out missional living together— and to grant us deeper faith in the process.