Sojourn Spotlight: Grace Fellowship

We never tire of introducing our new planters and publicly welcoming them into the Sojourn Network family! This week, we want to introduce to you Joel Busby and Grace Fellowship in Birmingham, AL! Read their story, celebrate their wins, and please join us in praying for them in 2017.

Grace Church's Story

Grace Fellowship was commissioned and sent by Redeemer Community Church in January of 2017. We are a family of Christ-followers sent to celebrate and declare the good news of Jesus in Homewood, Metro Birmingham, and to the ends of the earth. We have a desire to reflect our diverse neighborhood and to see the functionally unchurched of metro Birmingham welcomed into our body.

Key Wins in 2017:

We've started home groups with 96 people involved! We've identified some elder candidates, and have established some great connections with internationals in our area.

How to Pray for Grace Church in 2017:

1. Pray the Lord will provide us with the best space for weekly gatherings. We're facing some issues with our meeting space in coming months.

2. Pray for continued development of our leadership, that we would hone in on our mission and strategy now that the gifts/members of body has been established.

3. Pray that we would find practical steps toward reflecting the diversity of our community.