Sojourn Spotlight: Harvest Church of Calhoun

We're excited to introduce you to our newest member of the SN family: Harvest Church of Calhoun in Calhoun, Kentucky led by pastor Will Troutman! Some people might wonder, "What benefit is there in planting a church in rural McLean County, KY, a community mostly known for farming, in the heart of the Bible belt?" 

Rural communities need the gospel too, and pastor Will serves bi-vocationally as a tobacco farmer and lead pastor of Harvest Church of Calhoun. He knows the culture, knows the people, and knows his context to share the gospel in a way that they understand.

We're excited about what God is doing through Will and Harvest Church of Calhoun! 

Harvest's Story

In January of 2015, about a dozen friends got together for a Bible study at a local restaurant in Calhoun. That group soon turned into two and then into three. The objective from the beginning was to plant a church wherein Christians would make disciples of Jesus Christ by simply being disciples of Jesus Christ. After a few monthly nights of worship at a local park, the three groups came together for a Sunday morning service in September of 2016 and have been gathering weekly ever since.

Key Wins in 2016-2017

  1. Starting a 4th Missional Community with 4 independent MC leaders.
  2. Acquiring a long-term lease on an ideal building in a great location.
  3. The vast majority of our regular attenders were unchurched before our launch. The bi-vocational ministry thing seems to actually be working!

Ways You Can Pray in 2017

  1. Pray that the nominal believers of McLean county (80% of the county are professing Christians, 15.8% practice their faith by attending church) would be shown their lostness, repent, and follow Jesus.
  2. Pray God would allow us to raise up a second pastor.
  3. Pray God would give us favor and allow us to partner with existing area churches (especially the ones that are declining).