Sojourn Spotlight: Immanuel Church

We love introducing new members into the Sojourn Network family! This week it is Immanuel Church in Birmingham, Alabama. Read their story. Celebrate their wins. And please pray for them in 2016.

Their Story

In 2009 Steven Castello began the work of planting a church in the heart of Birmingham's Southside neighborhood. Two and a half years later, Andy Adkison and his family moved to town to plant a church in the east side of BHAM. Soon, these two guys connected and began collaborating together in various ways. It didn't take long for them to recognize how like-minded they were in their approaches to church planting, and the similarity of their churches. Eventually the question was raised, "Could we do more for the Kingdom of Christ together?" On April 5th, 2015, the two church plants merged together to collectively form Immanuel Church. The vision of Immanuel is to be a diverse family of disciples living to make the real Jesus known to every person in Birmingham and beyond.

Key Wins in 2015

  • Immanuel officially launched on April 5th, 2015.
  • New headquarters coming soon! We've found a home in the heart of the BHAM that we are in the process of renovating. Our new space will give us a place for worship gatherings, offices, and creative space to use ina various ways to serve and bless BHAM.
  • Since the merger we've added 19 new covenant members, dozens of children (literally), and we've had 5 baptisms.

Prayer Requests for 2016

  • We working hard to finish renovating our new facility. Pray for financial provision and expediency with the renovations.
  • Pray for the elders as they continue to ease into new rolls as a combined pastor team. Pray specifically that they would be graced with humility and live in a spirit of outdoing one another in showing honor.
  • Pray for us to make the real Jesus known in an overly religious but gospel anemic city.