Sojourn Spotlight: Mission Church

We are excited to introduce to you the newest church to join Sojourn Network: Mission Church, led by pastor Charles Shannon, in Norfolk, VA! Mission Church is our first SN church in the state of Virginia, and we are excited to see our gospel partnerships spreading into new geographies in the US! Read Mission Church's story, celebrate their wins, and please join us in praying for them in 2017! 

Mission Church's Story

The Mission Church is currently gathering people to lead a new church in Norfolk, VA. With the worlds largest Navy base, over 50,000 college students from all over the world and the beauty of an urban city, we long to see a Gospel Church full of the diversity of the city. Our aim is to make disciples who regularly gather to worship and consistently scatter to witness to the neighborhood and to the nations.

Key Wins in 2017

  1. We have reached 30 Committed adults who will help start the new church.
  2. We have developed a healthy rhythm of Worship Gathering and Community Scattering.
  3. We have notice evidence of our people owning the responsibility for care and community.

Ways You Can Pray for Mission Church

  1. Pray that our people would be present with God and each other.
  2. Pray that our people would be passionate about serving when we are gathered and/or scattered.
  3. Pray that our people would care for themselves and others in the community.
  4. Pray that our people would learn lifestyles stewardship.
  5. Pray that we would find individuals and churches to financially contribute to our church planting work.
Mission Church